Technique to Unclutter your Life

Dreams are a reflection of an individual’s state of Consciousness. Some dream symbols are the subconscious’ attempt to give answers to how to fix the physical life.  It is a shame that more people don’t use their dreams to help understand themselves.

Sometimes people have recurring dreams of a house or building. Maybe the house is pristine but more likely than not, the house is stuffed with clutter, dark and dusty. This may be a dream showing the state of the individual’s consciousness.

Some dreams may take place in the attic, basement or main floor. The main floor may be what is happening in the daily life. Being in your childhood house is trying to decipher issues that are remaining from childhood. Dreams of being in the attic may be working on aspects of your higher self.  The basement may represent issues that you have stored away. If you are ready to work on some past issues, maybe you will find yourself in the basement.

Each individual is the expert of their own dreams.  Whatever the dreamer’s sense is about the dream is the most accurate gauge of what it means.  It is a mistake to go by someone else’s symbol dictionary to unlock an individual dream symbol.  One person’s experience with water may be totally unique to them.  For instance, if one person has a fear of drowning and another has had the experience of being quenched of a deep thirst; then the dream symbol of water would have a different meaning in each instance.

Here is a technique to unclutter your Life.  In a quiet time of contemplation visualize the house in your dreams.  Visualize going through and opening up the windows.  Dust everything off.  Systematically go through every aspect of it in your mind and throw out everything that isn’t useful.

Clean out each room.  Envision the place as tidy and uplifting.  Since energy follows thought, you will actually be clearing out old issues from your subconscious that you don’t want to look at.  You are free to just dump them out. If you have resistance to throwing out, it is an indicator of an area that needs addressing. This is a more objective way to deal with issues than forcing yourself to relive trauma.

I use similar, yet very effective techniques in individual sessions.  People don’t want to look at old emotional issues.  They just want to be rid of them.  In a session, the client and I clear out their whole state of consciousness as much as possible.  Sometimes the client is unable to let go of boxes of old emotional souvenirs. That is okay. At some point, they will be too inconvenient to hold on to. A lot of times pain will be the indicator that it is no longer worth holding on to old conditioning.

If you are in physical or emotional pain it may be time to clean out your house.  One other small point; sometimes the level of cleanliness in your actual home is a reflection of what your inner house may look like. If you can’t seem to keep your home clean, maybe doing the inner house clearing technique may help.