Technique to Teach Children Compassion for All Living Things.

When ever you and a child interact with any insect, animal or even plants, personify them for the children by giving them a name and identity. Develop a background story for each living being.If you come across a toad and they want to trap it, explain to them that it is a daddy toad that is coming home from work and looking forward to seeing his family. Give the trees identity and say how the trees like to listen in to all that the people and animals talk about. Make up stories about what the tree witnessed as an adventure.

Embellish your tales as much as possible. It can become a bonding experience. The children may really enjoy getting caught up in he adventure and interaction of the stories. The younger they are when you start, the better. Also, it is important to remember what you have told them because the children will remember and it is important that you keep your stories straight as a means of maintaining their interest.

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