Technique to Remove Negative Thoughts

Having negative thoughts is normal. It is something many of us don’t speak about. The truth is that negative thoughts are just stagnant energy trying to manifest as best it can. It tries to take form as a thought. The more positive that we are, the more the negative thoughts can come in to keep balance and keep us from moving forward.

Every time a negative thought comes through, think of it as an extra layer of clothing that is too tight. Imagine pulling it up over your head and throwing it into the Universe to dissolve. See the piece of clothing just dissolve as soon as you remove it. Feel the liberation in that. It may have to be done a lot at first but then it will be less frequent.

This s a great way to keep the mind busy helping to solve a problem. The mind wants to be helpful so the more techniques that we give it, the more we can work with the mind instead of working against it.

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