Technique to Overcome Tiredness

Go to a busy shopping center with no real agenda or need. Walk at a leisurely space and be very conscious to let others pass. Smile at as many people as possible but don’t expect them to smile back. Expecting them to smile back is a form of manipulation and not unconditional love. Consciously open your heart center and make yourself a conduit to pour pure and incredible divine love into the world.

Visualize every one in the shopping center, everyone in the town and everyone on the planet is pooled in the love that pours out like a fountain through the depth of your being. Don’t expect them to respond or even notice. Allow them to be who and what they express to be. Get a sense of incredible gratitude for being able to walk amongst so many diverse individuals with no animosity or need of defense.

Adopt this state, if you wish, to be in every moment. Knowing that you are using your open mind and loving heart in unison to uplift the quality of existence for all. This state is very refreshing and a means of recharging the atoms of your own being.

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