Technique to “Fill Up” on Christmas

Christmas cookies are made of the same sugar, flour and eggs that other cookies are but they are more enticing because they are colored and decorated like Christmas. When people eat Christmas cookies, they are attempting to take in the experience of Christmas. They are craving an experience.

It is the same reason we decorate, shop, exchange gifts and over indulge. Yet many still feel empty during the holidays. It’s because the experience they are craving is an inner experience and can only be satiated by a deep inner nurturing.

Christmas CookiesHere is one technique to satiate the inner craving for Christmas:

During a quiet time, imagine making cookies. Imagine mixing a bowl of ingredients. Instead of just pouring in flour and sugar, think of all the things you like about the holidays and pour them in. Think of all the holiday interactions that conjure up joy. Think of family and caroling, memories and special moments. Pour them all in the batter. Think of a warm cozy fire, snowy lane, eggnog and old-fashioned tree trimming. Everything that could be imagined for your ideal holiday; conjure it up and pour it in the batter.

Visualize cooking the batter and decorating the cookies with frosting chock full of the same imagery as the batter.Eat one of the cookies. Feel all the joy and deep contentment that were imbued in the cookie. Feel loved, warm and satiated to the core. This is the Christmas Spirit that you have been searching for.

As you go through preparation for the holiday, every time you feel stressed. Eat an inner cookie and it will help you put more love and joy into everything you do for your loved ones.

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