Technique to Expand Consciousness

Imagine that the earth is much bigger than we realize. Imagine that it has seams holding it in so that its girth is compressed. Where ever you walk drive or travel, imagine your light and love is like a seam ripper, breaking through karmic ties that have been holding the earth in this smaller size.

Every time you are kind, positive, loving, and grateful, know in your heart that you are ripping the karmic seams of the earth open and expanding the girth and consciousness of the Universe. Earth is one member in space, and as we uplift in consciousness, we elevate all. These are humbling times and this technique will help you pay homage to the empowerment of each individual.

When others are positive, reward them in kind. And why not treat everyone you meet as a long-lost friend that you are meeting after a long quest.

Because they are.

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