Technique to Embrace you Inner Kintsukuroi:

In contemplation, get a very far removed overview of you as a compilation of all the experiences of devastation, tragedies, heart breaks and losses. Get a sense of how they must have devastated you. Don’t walk amongst the issues by getting emotional or forming opinions about them. Maintain the vantage point of the watchful observer.

In a still place within you, feel the swirling of energy that you are whose center is Divine Love. You are completely that Divine Love and all your experiences that you have endured are benchmarks of your enlightened self. See how all these experiences shattered the pieces of you and sent them in different directions.

CALL THEM ALL BACK! You at the core have the power with one intention, to summons back all the lost pieces of yourself that you thought were destroyed, stolen or forsaken. They were not. They were only waiting for you to gather your strength to call them all back. Do it! See the long-lost aspects of you come spiraling back to your core.

Use your intention to create the wholeness of yourself. See yourself all collected. Then visualize, a pure golden waterfall of energy pouring into you from above and saturating all aspects of you and filling in all the gaps with divine Love. See it forming a pure perfect walking, talking expression of Love. This is you! Beautiful, tested and recast in the embers of Divine Love.

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