Technique To Bring Back Goodwill

I was at the checkout line last night in my local grocery store. I had a few items. The woman behind me had already shopped, but she had two bottles of soda on the conveyor belt behind my items. I told the cashier to include them in my bill. It just felt like the right thing to do.

My reasoning was that everything I do in my own personal life reflects what happens in the world. By showing a generous nature, that generous nature will be reflected in the world. She protested the gift. That is a reflection that shows up in the world as well. The more we can help each other stop rejecting love when it is offered, the more we can experience love in the world together.

If my sister was in the checkout line I would pay for her soda with no resistance. So the technique to bring back goodwill is:

Anything that you would do for someone you love, release your resistance to doing it for a stranger. Overcome the resistance with small acts of kindness and watch the world blossom in love.

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