Technique To Be Whole and Empowered

In a private remote session, I was assisting a client in bringing back all aspects of herself that she had long ago relinquished out of apathy and fear. The visual I received was of her as this beautiful egg that was lit up from within. The Light showed the line of all the cracks and little crumbs of edges that were still missing.

In the session we commanded those pieces back until the egg was whole. We then poured an incredible white light of love into all the cracks until they were all filed in and the egg was whole and vibrating and emanating with Divine Love.

Here is a technique to visualize the same for yourself:
(Use this technique whenever you are feeling unworthy, invisible or manipulated.)

Visualize yourself in space with nothing around you but far off stars poking through the darkness. Get a sense of yourself. You may feel lonely or incomplete. Visualize yourself as an egg that is working to collect pieces of itself that are long-lost. You may feel like you don’t have many pieces of your egg. That is okay. Do not judge it.

In that place in space, call out to all your missing pieces and command them to come back to you. See the pieces of shell come back and fit into their rightful place to create a complete oval shape around you. With a pure intention, pour white love into all the cracks and crevices until the egg is complete with no voids or cracks.

Get a sense of an inner light (which is you) lighting up this egg from within. Know that with the cracks are repaired, the egg now holds the light and emanates it at a brilliant vibrancy. Feel the Light surging through your essence. You may experience being relaxed in the body or may experience warmth flow through your limbs. Be aware of you as a whole vibrant orb of incredible light.

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