Technique to Adopt a Non-Reactive Stance

We are a vibrant ball of energy. Our interactions, on a more subtle level aren’t merely a matter of not bumping into each other physically. It is also important to avoid bumping into each other on more subtle levels as well. On an emotional level, this would look like two people yelling and crying in a dramatic scene. In the mental realms, it would look like two people debating issues and trying to one-up the other.

Others try to compete with us in the energetic realms. They try to show superiority in some way. They poke a stick at us and expect a reaction so they can engage us. They make their energy field more firm by stating absolute truths or stating strong opinions. On an emotional level they will get louder and put more energy behind their point of view.

There is no need to respond. They are attempting to cause a reaction in you and affect you by making you harden your own energy. It is not necessary. The most empowering way to respond is to step back and NOT respond. It is a way to control yourself in the energetic realms and may take much discipline.

After you remove yourself from the situation, you can go back to something that they have “put out there” and see that it doesn’t have the same pull on you that it may have before. This is you taking control and softening your own energy. You have empowered yourself greatly by doing this.
People with anger management issues, may do well by looking at their interactions this way.

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