Technique: The Automatic Sprinkler

A friend has become very receptive to “the voice” of her houseplants. She says that they all want her to mist them everyday. So she feels compelled to go around the house and spray every one and make certain that they all feel loved and valued.

They really just wanted to be validated.

Since they are communicating on such a subjective level, maybe she could validate them on a subjective level as well. I suggested that when she was waking up in the morning or falling to sleep, simply visualize spraying them all with love. That way, she wouldn’t have to feel anxious that she missed anybody.It was a good way to keep her energy out flowing so she didn’t indulge in negative feelings or thoughts.

This would be a great technique for someone to use during their day. Set up an automatic sprinkler system within so it sprays out love in every direction to everyone around you. That way you don’t have to think about it and just know that you are giving out love. It is a way to stay out-flowing while you have a busy schedule. You never have to feel bad that your family, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances are being deprived of what you are capable of giving.

It is a great technique to tune in to during those times when our patience is tested. It is a great way to stay in love. There are so many side benefits to this technique. One of them is realizing how vast the range of your intention can reach. Maybe your mist can span the range of the whole world. Maybe the mist turns into a steady flow and is able to saturate the world in your love. Also, maybe others will learn from your example and be inspired to turn their mister on!

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