Technique for When You are Being Intruded Upon

Others try to intrude upon us. It is done many times a day. The goal is to influence us or bring us out of our center. Two areas of discomfort are teasing and advertisement. If there is discomfort felt in the stomach or the chest, there is a way to stay empowered.

Take the flow of energy that is coming towards you, stop it, and push it back to the sender. It is done this way to show them what they are doing to you and what it feels like. Only take it to the place where it started. They will not consciously understand what happened but they will get the message and feel the reprimand.

There are anti smoking commercials that are horrific to observe. They are clearly meant to illicit a reaction. The creators feel justified in the manipulation because they believe in their message. No one is justified in manipulating others. When I start to feel myself reacting, I stop it before it penetrates me and send it back to the creators. Maye they have gotten the message because I haven’t seen one of these ads in a while.

Many years ago I was being teased by a group of teenagers. They were in their element and were being ruthless. As the dominant one made a comment about me, I stopped the insult from penetrating me and it bounced back to him. He felt it. He lost his composure, wilted a bit and the cohesiveness of the mean little group broke up and they dismantled into small talk.

There are other techniques that are more kind. When a person is doing this unwittingly with no malice there is a better way to handle it. One can create space between their atoms, like a screen door and let it pass right through them. One can deflect all the energy coming at them into a river of Light to dissolve. The main objective should always be to stay centered and to stay as loving as possible.

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