Technique for Tight Limbs or Trunk.

Here’s a technique to help with any tightness in your body.

Imagine that tight part of your body has a string or rubber band in it that is twisted so much that it is constricting movement and even causing pain. Everything in that area is squeezed together. Imagine unwinding it…maybe like a clock or music box. This tightness is the connective tissue and the energies of the limb being restricted. So visualize loosening it.

Don’t expect it to just unwind one way. It may go one way and then change directions. Let it do what it wants to do and just go along with it! Feel the movement in that area and FEEL it unwind. Go into the experience of it by imagining that you are a child untwisting a swing and what that feels like. Feel the freedom and exhilaration of your ability to free your own body from pain.

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