Technique for Those with Low Self-Esteem

If you want to change your opinion about yourself but find it impossible, try changing your opinion of your same-sex parent. If you are a woman, unless you were fed with incredible love, it is difficult to rise above the image you hold of your mother. The same holds true for a male with their fathers. Our mind sees our parent’s downfalls and can’t imagine anything better, when our own greatness lies beyond those horizons.

In your reflective moments or contemplations, think about how you perceived your parent of the same-sex. Consciously shift your mental image of them to see them in a totally positive light. For some this may be difficult but it is possible. Use whatever vantage point it takes to see as much greatness in that parent as possible.

See their strength, femininity/masculinity, comeliness, kindness and other qualities in a totally different way. Stretch the positive experiences you have of them and expound upon them. The more a woman is able to see incredible beauty and depth in her mother, the more she will be able to remove the glass ceiling from herself. The easier it is for a man to see greatness in his father, the more he will be able to tap into his own greatness.

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