Technique for People who Still Watch Television

Have you noticed that television ads keep getting more annoying? They use sounds like slurping on a straw, repeated foghorns and the most primal, annoying sounds they can use. They sneak them in with jokes or a cute baby to make them palatable but they know exactly what they are doing! Like Pavlov’s dog, they are programming your actions. They are not treating you with dignity and respect. They are intentionally annoying you. What are you going to do about it? They think you will do nothing but buy their product.

Let’s train them to treat us with respect.

If they want the honor of having their product being paraded before us in the sanctity of our home, they can do it in an uplifting way.

Whenever an advertiser irritates you, send that irritation directly back to the senders as a slap on the wrist. Send it back to the product and the advertising company. Don’t send it directly to individuals, just the company and the driving force.

There is no reason to sit with this irritation. If sending it back to the sender feels empowering then it is your right to do this. Don’t do it with any ill wishes or any thought. It is merely returning an energy to the receiver. And if you have a sense of how this technique works, you can do it as a surrogate for the millions who are being influenced every moment through these ads.

Try it for your own well-being.

Also those anti-smoking ads that show the most horrific symptoms are trying to get the populace to resonate with disease. There may be a few naïve participants but the intention on a greater level is to have all of society resonate with disease. Please don’t feel bad to send that back to the force that creates the intention. Those of us who understand must do it for all those who fall prey to these attempts. It is the humane thing to do.

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