Tapping into your own Wisdom

People often times put too much importance on feelings when they are not a very sophisticated level of awareness. Think about it. They are the most rudimentary way of gauging safety. When a baby has a need, it learns to cry as a means for survival. People who want to connect will laugh together, even if it is at the expense of another. People lash out in anger; which is sometimes very hard to control.

To validate being driven by feelings, people will defend the feelings with their thoughts. Thoughts are very subjective and can be broached from any angle. That is why different people can look at the same experience from different vantage points and have very different conclusions.

Some will act without thinking. Some will think without feeling. Some will be led by their emotions. All show a different way of missing the mark.

A wise person will check in with their emotions, thoughts and experiences before they act. Meaning, they will not do anything without gathering all the information from all the different aspects of themselves about any situation. This doesn’t need to be a tedious process. It can take moments.

There are different sensory systems in the body that help us gauge what is right action for ourselves. There is one in the gut, one in the heart, and another near the solar plexus. They are gauges that tell us what our higher truth is. If we learn to listen to them, we save ourselves a lot of problems.

When making a decision, if one gets that knot in the stomach or chest, they know that choice is not best for their higher good. It is their own inside information. The more one listen to that twinge, the easier their life will be.

Test it out on simple things. Even use it to dress yourself. If an outfit feels uncomfortable in any way, then change. Then try it out on bigger decisions. It is the best tool that you can have at your disposal. It is tapping into your own wisdom.

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