Tangible Benefits

One of the first things I sometimes address with new clients is to help them recant all their old vows and agreements that they have made throughout their lifetimes. Many of us took vows of poverty, chastity, solitude, loneliness, celibacy, etc.. And we took them forever. When we aren’t attracting something that we want and deserve, it is because we, ourselves put that into motion a long time ago and forgot about it. It is up to us to undo what we have done.

Recently I facilitated a session with a newer client. She is a therapist and is very aware of her own shifts when they occur. She was excited to tell me what happened right after we finished her last session. It was the one where we recanted her vows of poverty. Her very next client came in and purchased a package of ten sessions and paid up front. It was right before Christmas and much appreciated AND it was the only time that someone had prepaid for such a large package. She attributed it to the sessions.

Many times the benefits from the work others do with me is subjective. But it is these tangible benefits that keep people coming back when the resistance tries to prevent them from making incredible changes. I am always grateful to the tangible benefits.

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