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Powerful Taps to Bring Freedom to All

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it 4th time while tapping on your chest) “We declare ourselves surrogates for all life in doing these taps; in all moments.” “We release being used as energy generators; in all moments.” “We release being procured to be energy generators; in all moments.” […]

Angel Healing

When you are lying down and your body is tired, there are ways that you can refresh yourself. Visualize your body as a large group of intertwined filaments of light. Visualize standing over yourself and looking at your tired body as a massage therapist would. Scan your body for the tired spots and see where […]

Paint a Palette of Kindness

You are a miracle of the infinite dipped in physical form. There is no need to choke on physical thoughts, drown in physical emotions or be paralyzed in physical existence. No. You are so capable of being loving and expressing yourself in the physical world while never missing a step of a beautiful dance with […]

Mudroom to the Soul

There is a realm beyond all reason. It is way beyond all desire and a little past definition. It comes right before absolute contentment. It is the mudroom to the soul, where all defenses and opinions are dropped; like hats and boots after a heavy downpour. Everything is surrendered here. The ego is hung on […]


Have a long heart to heart talk with your fat cells. Thank them for protecting you when you were feeling vulnerable. Tell them that you are strong now and can take care of yourself. Give them permission to shrink down in stature, recede to the background and sleep.

Have a talk with your muscle cells. […]