A Perpetually Uplifting Song

A friend of mine shared a video of a popular song called Happy. Now every time I hear this song I think of her. She has linked herself with this song for me forever. A stronger connection may come by and link itself with the song for me but even if it does, she will […]

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Raising our Vibration

Sometimes, when people try o manifest abundance, they find that there is a missing component in their practice. They can be successful, but there has to be a means of holding the vibration of anything we desire. When someone who has never had physical wealth comes into money, typically, the first thing they do is […]

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There is power in words. We all feel them. Say the word miserable and see how it feels in the body. Now say the word Joyous, and see how the body responds differently. It has even been proven that the vibration of words can change the molecular structure of water. Words matter. There is a […]

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Eliciting Sympathy

When we seek sympathy, we are asking others to help us mute our dynamic vibratory rate to one of very low frequency on the survival scale. The more dynamic we are, the more effort it will take to keep us “down”. We are like an inner-tube under water in that; it will take a lot […]

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