Vantage Point

Evidence of the Paradigm Shift

I feel the paradigm shift very powerfully in the outcome of political elections. If the outcome that we get now happened just a couple of years ago, it would have been very alarming. But it doesn’t have the heaviness to it that it once had. It is a win/win outcome. The people who needed the outcome that we received, to feel at peace with the world have it. They will stop flooding the airwaves with gloom and negativity. They will stop pumping fear and negativity into those who are susceptible to fear. They can maybe relax a little bit and be healed from the banter of negativity they got caught up in. Maybe some of it can be extracted from them now that they are in a calmer state. Those of us who have transcended putting our efforts into politics as a solution, already realize that the outcome is irrelevant. We can relax now that so many have been placated. Everything is okay. Since we are all connected, this outcome benefits us all. This is a higher vantage point than any argument to counter this point of view. There is always an uplifting way to view things and there is […]

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Devastated by God

I don’t think people realize the devastating ramifications that the concept of God has done to the psyche of the world. Even In the present day, most of the hatred, fighting, and wars are fought because we see God differently than the opposing side. This is not a new phenomenon. The holy wars lasted thousands of years and many genocides were committed in the name of God. The bible says that man was made in God’s image, but they switched it around. God was made in man’s image; petty and possessive. When I see an atheist, I respect their journey. Seeing the Akashic records of people, I see the torment that was caused in so many of us because we were not in step with the concept of God at the time. Many, if not all of us were tortured, ostracized, humiliated, enslaved and made to fight for the concept of God at one time or another. Some of us can look at those today who are killing in the name of their true God and see only a couple of degrees of separation between current events and our own personal journey on our path to enlightenment. The concept of […]

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Love All from Within

There are several behaviors that all of us use to protect ourselves. There is the overachiever, under-achiever, know-it-all, people-pleaser, complainer, the hypochondriac, the addict, zealot, and many others. Some behaviors are easier to be around but all are merely looking to be loved and secure at the core. It is difficult to do this in our daily interactions because many of these defenses are hard to get close to, and the individuals deflect the love. Here is a technique to help: In contemplation, imagine that you are the earth itself. See yourself from the vantage point of being the globe and look at your own body from within. Get a sense of areas that need attention. Send love there and get a sense of the shift. If there is a spot where there is an enclave, send it love to even it out. If the globe looks like a deflated soccer ball, fill it up. Feel your own energy fill up as you pour as much love into the earth as possible. Continue until you are so full that the love is emanating out of your pores. See it satiating all the living plants, animals and people of the planet. […]

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“Lending” Assistance

If we try to help someone who is not ready for help, it can be a futile waste of our energy. Many times the dynamic of someone lending money ends in contempt. The person who receives the gift usually ends up not paying it back and becomes angry with the person who gave them the gift. They end up seeing the gift giver through the lens of their own greed. This happens while helping people energetically too. If a person is not ready for assistance, or has not learned every thing from an experience, they will end up resenting the person who has assisted them. They will see them through the lens of contempt. That is why the Energy facilitator has to be so keenly tuned in to the dynamics of the moment and assist only those that will not bring wear and tear on them after the assistance is rendered. Everything that cracks is not broken. It is an excruciating process to open an eggshell from inside, pull our self through a small opening in a cocoon or break free of the human conditioning. All of these processes are necessary steps in the evolution of the individual. People look around […]

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A New Take On Relationships

What if everyone looked at relationships from a totally different vantage point? What if all people always saw themselves as a whole sovereignty and the only reason for being with someone was to provide the energy balance to keep them centered. People who are really masculine would find someone very feminine to balance them and vice verse. What if that was the only thing we expected of our mate and everything else was gravy? And to maintain balance, when our partner who is usually passive, gets an inkling to be the polar opposite. What if that was the only agreement that was needed between the two; to maintain a balance in your interactions. What if all the cards, compliments, cuddling, giving of space, making us feel special, spending quality time, listening to our stories, supporting our projects, stroking our ego, being the provider, being the nurturer, raising the children are all ways to teach each other to find their individual balance. Wouldn’t it be great freedom to be able to assist each other on a very deep level without keeping a score card? What if it is all about the balance? There is no cookie cutter way to walk the […]

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