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Technique: Walk Through God

We are conditioned to think of God as an abstract concept or as caricature of a old man on a throne. There is a huge gap of wiggle room between those two depictions. How about thinking of ourselves already immersed in God. If we can imagine that we are an atom of God; which many […]

Consensus For Kindness

An Open Heart is a sacred altar. When someone is in true need, it is an opportunity for their heart to open. Those who are stuck in warrior mode will attack when asked for help. It may be a subtle attack, but very targeted.

Don’t lecture people on their shortcomings when they are vulnerable. Don’t […]

Dietary Choices

We can not say we have a chronic disease as long as we still ingest:

processed sugar processed meat foods with additives and preservatives carbonated beverages hydrogenated fats and fried foods gluten

Until we remove all these ingredients from our diet we can’t consider ourselves sick. We’re just responsible for making poor dietary choices.

Changing […]

The Prickly Bush

If I said, “I took out a bush today that was just covered with weeds and thorns”, only those who have had a similar experience would really know how difficult the challenge is.

Everyone else could try to relate. But they could not possibly understand all the incredible difficulties of being scraped and sweaty and […]

Evidence of the Paradigm Shift

I feel the paradigm shift very powerfully in the outcome of political elections. If the outcome that we get now happened just a couple of years ago, it would have been very alarming. But it doesn’t have the heaviness to it that it once had. It is a win/win outcome.

The people who needed the […]