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Recognizing Your Own Empowerment

Here is a cute technique to understand what is going on when you are having extreme feelings that seemingly have no reason. In the world, we have all been conditioned to think of ourselves as separate units with no connection to others. We are meant to believe that we have no loyalties or connections to […]

Debunking Perfection

The holy men of history did a disservice to humanity as far as preaching about reaching the ultimate state of perfection. It confused the human species. Such perfection does not exist in the physical form. It made people feel unworthy and discouraged by not being able to reach perfection. It also held an invisible carrot […]

Why I can’t Watch The Ellen Show

Like everyone else, I love Ellen. But I can’t watch her show. A popular segment makes me very anxious inside and I figured out why. When Ellen gives away the really generous gifts to the people in need, it is hard for me to watch. Not because I am jealous of the people receiving the […]

World Salvation

People think what they are seeing in politics is new. Politics are what they always have been. The illusion of their grandeur has been pulled off. The facade that has immersed people in fear and control is being pierced and dissipated. The layers of dross and confusion that have kept people from knowing; let alone […]

Technique to Shave Years Off The Physical Appearance of Your Face

My mother didn’t talk to me much this life. So when she told me anything, I stored it away as something to remember. I remember her explaining to me when I was very young that a person’s nose sags with age. For some reason, I never forgot this. Now I know why. It was a […]