Taps to Free Jesus

What I share in my shamanic healing work feels tapped into truth to such a degree that it is palpable in the world. The energetic work we do in group sessions seems to be creating a shift in the world to support higher awareness.  It is like creating a surreal stillness that all others are privy to. The taps that I have received to share this weekend seem to compliment the theme of Easter. Jesus does not like having to relive the torture that was done to him. It seems liken to titillating a pedophile by having him retell his crimes. That is what is happening on an energetic level by reenacting the crucifixion. What we did in our group session, was pin him out of that energetic torture. It is liken to saving the savior. FRIDAY GROUP CALL: Friday, March 25th, 2016 (click  below to hear this session) (Say each statement 3 times while tapping in your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest) “All vivaxes between Jesus and the world are removed; in all moments.” “All tentacles between Jesus and the world are severed; in all moments.” “The claws of the world are […]

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The Prism of Our Own Wonder

Do you see the humanity in each person, situation or expression of life? Everything and everyone has purpose, is trying to thrive, has a point of view. You know how you think within yourself? Everything and every one else does that as well. They may not be aware of their self-talk, but it exists. They know themselves as individualized. If you want to understand your own humanity and tap into your own sweetness, ask yourself what other forms of life are experiencing in that moment. Instead of watching the birds in the bath, feel what it must be like to be among them. Experience the needy anguish of your furry family members to be near you and how it translates differently with dog or cat. Be present with those you meet; not in a too familiar way, but in a silent yet discernible “I understand, I have been there too” kind of way. Do you realize when you have offended your cat by not giving them the proper respect and attention that they deserve when they join you just as you are enthralled in something? Do you recognize when you have insulted your dog; even if he does not? How […]

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Every time we…

Every time we … Truly listen to another person, Listen to that inner voice of our internal adviser, Turn off the TV, Play ball with our child, Take that extra walk with our pet, Forgo the gossip, Take in nature, Pay attention to our dreams, Listen with our hearts, Forgo Judgment, Appreciate Beauty, Let someone ahead of us, See the good in others, Lead the way, Graciously follow, See the good in the world, Take notice, Show appreciation, Hold our tongue, Do without being asked, Allow someone else to shine, Put our egos in check, Take the higher ground, Give a hand up, Administer tough love, Allow someone their freedom of choice, Say a silent thank you, Give a gift from the heart, Treat others as equals, Heck, see the greatness in others, Demonstrate the greatness in ourselves, Validate another, Acknowledge the world as a whole, Put a mute button on the trash talk, Speak to angels, Pay our way, Adopt a pet, Hug someone in pain, Heal a wound, Capture a moment, Cheer someone on, Live our purpose, Manifest a reality, Create an option, Exude confidence, Accept a compliment, Connect from the heart…. We are uplifting consciousness and connecting […]

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Everyone is Right

There is no need to demonize others as a means to validate our stance. Others don’t need to be bad to support the fact that we are good. Others don’t have to be the perpetrators in our life experience. It takes a lot of energy to build a case against someone else and endurance to maintain that conviction. How about this: everyone is right from their point of view. Everyone is just trying to do the best they can at being them. Knowing how difficult life has been for us sometimes, may give us the compassion to know that others struggle too. Connect with others, if you must, in that place of knowing what it feels like to be misunderstood. We are all struggling in some way; every single one of us, in some way or another and in varying degrees. If it is the only commonality that is available, use that to connect with every other being. Connecting to others in this way could be your conduit to a more peaceful sense of being.

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Universal Lattice

When someone asks me for help with something I like to share it, because if one person can benefit from a new understanding, many others possibly can as well. In that way everyone can benefit. I believe this happens on an energetic level as well. Every epiphany, all acts of pure reverence, every form of service, every single solitary exchange of Love is registered and uplifts the consciousness of all. We are all connected and benefit from the joys, triumphs, talents, exuberance and revelations of each other. May we all celebrate in the victories and unencumbered, unabashed, uninhibited, and unlimited victories of all. In so doing so, we celebrate our own place in the universal lattice of life.

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