The Prism of Our Own Wonder

Do you see the humanity in each person, situation or expression of life? Everything and everyone has purpose, is trying to thrive, has a point of view. You know how you think within yourself? Everything and every one else does that as well. They may not be aware of their self-talk, but it exists. They […]

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Everyone is Right

There is no need to demonize others as a means to validate our stance. Others don’t need to be bad to support the fact that we are good. Others don’t have to be the perpetrators in our life experience. It takes a lot of energy to build a case against someone else and endurance to […]

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Universal Lattice

When someone asks me for help with something I like to share it, because if one person can benefit from a new understanding, many others possibly can as well. In that way everyone can benefit. I believe this happens on an energetic level as well. Every epiphany, all acts of pure reverence, every form of […]

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