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No. Just Say No.

No life is disposable No one is unworthy of help There is no such thing as a lost cause Though struggle is valuable for growth, watching others walk away leaves its mark No one is not worth helping No time spent helping is a waste No one is too important to not give a damn […]

Taps to Free Jesus

What I share in my shamanic healing work feels tapped into truth to such a degree that it is palpable in the world. The energetic work we do in group sessions seems to be creating a shift in the world to support higher awareness. It is like creating a surreal stillness that all others are […]

Silliness in Healing

A Plumber doesn’t quantify his work by saying, “I really did nothing. The pipes did all the work, I simply cleared them” A teacher doesn’t state in a parent teacher conference, “I didn’t teach little Johnny anything, he taught himself” A financial planner doesn’t have to state to their clients, “You are your own banker, […]

Debunking Perfection

The holy men of history did a disservice to humanity as far as preaching about reaching the ultimate state of perfection. It confused the human species. Such perfection does not exist in the physical form. It made people feel unworthy and discouraged by not being able to reach perfection. It also held an invisible carrot […]


I look at all the sincere faces of my friends here and see a sea of beauty. Dynamic and amazing souls, striving and having their experiencing, swimming in a perpetual state of love. But that is not what I see, just as you would not see a beautiful ocean dwelling creature taking in the microscopic […]