Understanding Trauma

Mind Loop

When I was imprisoned, there was that first moment of disbelief that this was happening. On the surface I was calm and obedient but inside the mind was scrambling to make sense of it. It was reworking every corner of the scenario to find a loop-hole and to figure out what was the course of action that would get me free. It was my mind taking action because my body was unable to help itself. I have seen that thought pattern happening in clients. In some it may be the cause of their panic attacks. It seems like their mind is in a loop that was created by a horrific scenario in a past life. They may forget all the trauma that they endured but they bring the mind loop into this life. The mind loop seems to have no purpose but it does. It is trying to keep the body safe at all costs. The mind is privy to all the unconscious memories. It is doing all that it can to prevent the body from getting in the same predicament as it was in before. What needs to be done is to heal the wounds from the past as […]

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The Lost Lamb

I facilitated a session with a woman who was at the end of a committed relationship with a great guy. They loved each other but could not reach a level of passion that they would like. It was perplexing because he was so drawn to her; the connection was instantaneous. In a session, a scene opened up to a past life in a sheep herding arena. Sheep were being sheered and separated. It was very chaotic. There was a little lamb that was usually glued to his mama’s side. But mama got pulled away from him and his cries were lost in the chaos. He felt empty and alone. That feeling may have stayed with him all of his lives; until they were reunited in this life. My client was the mother sheep in that scenario. The baby lamb was her devoted boyfriend in the present. Now she realized why he was so drawn to her. We released the dynamics pulling on her that was creating such conflict within her. She was now free to accept the beautiful connection with out having to define it as a win-lose scenario that relationships fall into. They were free of the conflict but […]

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Aversion to Beauty-Being Sacrificed

I have had a few clients who have had a real aversion to being beautiful. This following scenario is more common than you might think. A past life opened up in which a client was a girl who was just discovering her womanhood. This important man started coming around her family and giving her attention. She started being treated special. It was all so wonderful and overwhelming. She started receiving gifts and respect from even the elders. She accepted it as it came. They started preparing her for a huge celebration. She was going to be the guest of honor. The nice man that she met spent time with her and in her naivete she thought they were going to be mated. The night of the ceremony they adorned her from head to foot. She was cleansed and tended to. When she was finally presented, the nice man was there. Everyone was there and then her joy turned to terror when she saw her fate. She was going to be sacrificed. There was a procession up to the volcano where she would be thrown into. The man no longer talked to her but led the procession. No one would meet her eyes. No one helped […]

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Understanding Dreams

There are many different types of Dreams. One of the main purposes of dreams is to bring the individual to a better understanding of who they really are. Some experiences seem like garbled confusion while others feel like fantastic adventures. All are important aspects of self discovery. The reason that dreams are so garbled is that sometimes they are adventures or memories beyond the experiences that the conscious mind has acquired. When the adventures are filtered through the limited experiences of the mind, the mind fills in the details to the best of its ability. It would be similar to a child viewing an adult experience and retelling it from his vantage point. There is also an aspect of the self that wants to protect the individual from the stark truth. It intentionally garbles information received during sleep. The way to get past this mechanism is to write the dreams down. By doing so, you can go back and look at recurring themes. It is also important to pay attention to the feeling that they illicit. Create your own meanings for symbols in your dream. They will become your own dictionary to be used to decipher what your dreams are […]

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