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How to Dry Up Hell

Last night I was shown the true nature of Hell. It is not really a place as a stagnation of consciousness. Sure those with a similar state of consciousness may gather together. This is the nature of the Spiritual Law of Vibrations. It means that things that resonate at a similar sound frequency, gravitate to […]

The Difference Between Apathy and Detachment

So many people who follow a spiritual path have been practicing apathy and calling it detachment. This is just another way to maintain a level of denial yet do it while touting superiority. They will think that by being disinterested in the plight of others that they have achieved a great level of awareness. They […]

Reasons The World Went Out of Whack

Male domination caused the world to lose touch with the feminine attribute of compassion. Checks and balances for relating to others were lost. Female energy has a great appreciation for what it takes to formulate life. Male energy is fascinated by how easy it is to end it. People became stuck in primal mode, […]

Paint a Palette of Kindness

You are a miracle of the infinite dipped in physical form. There is no need to choke on physical thoughts, drown in physical emotions or be paralyzed in physical existence. No. You are so capable of being loving and expressing yourself in the physical world while never missing a step of a beautiful dance with […]

Being Awakened To Your Own Truth

Most of society has been taught to be on autopilot without thinking for themselves. They have been conditioned to attack things that they don’t like to hear as a means to protect the process of conditioning society into habitual patterns of behavior.

We have all been taught to fear thinking our mind so we just […]