Truth Paws Kindness Love


I don’t make a habit of asking for help But will give it when it’s truly warranted I know the difference between the truth and a lie and definitely know how to live it   I know that all that ever transpires will be up to debate or discussion But I tune out all the mental fray Just like an annoying percussion   I don’t indulge in focusing on problems Never give attention to an unworthy cause I never listen to whiny complaints Unless the perpetrator has paws.   I feel every nuance between lies and the truth And the truth is where I stand. It has had the wind knocked out of it. These days it just needs a hand.   Kindness is a form of palpable truth That can be felt by the discerning eye It registers itself on all planes of existence and encourages us to give it a try.   We, together are palpable truth Connected by the Love We are all agents of truth learning to thrive As below, to reflect the above   Jen Ward 8/11/14  

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