Please Don’t Enlighten Me

There is no point rallying for social change until every human feels valued and heard. My humble opinions may not change society. But I believe things that aren’t accepted in today’s climate. Here are some of my random beliefs. Maybe others will feel empowered to share theirs if they see how out of the box someone else thinks. So here are my “ridiculous” notions. I am curious but not interested in how many people will feel compelled to enlighten me. It is insanity that chemical medication is accepted as the norm but alternative practices are considered whack-o. Prisons are filled with talented people whose strengths and talents do not conform to a narrow band of what society deems beneficial. The welfare system doesn’t work. Not because people don’t need the assistance. It is because they need the assistance, because there are no avenues for so many to learn and share their skills and talents. It is not only government that needs overhauling but all of society. Society is failing because it’s structure is based on archaic beliefs. Anything or anyone that hurts, diminishes, judges, manipulates, excludes, kills, is not an authority on God. There is no such thing as a […]

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An Astral Predator

I recently had a guy who wanted me to help him with boundary issues. He would pick partners that were unavailable and after they were together, he lost complete interest in them. It left him feeling lonely and broken but he was compelled to repeat this pattern. At first I refused to talk to him and this infuriated him. He was so upset and angry that he felt devastated. He went from portraying himself as a helpless victim, to someone who was used to getting his way and was finally refused. The rage was incredible. After months of him begging to talk to me, I got the nudge to speak with him on the phone.  It was really strange because I was feeling sexually aroused by the thought of it, yet I was only calling to assist him. My own reaction was curious to me. When we talked for the first time, I felt his astral hands all over my body. He was moving his hands up and down my sides from my hips to my breasts. He was talking sweet to me and very happy to be connecting. “Do you know you that you are manhandling me right now?”  […]

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Guest Blog by Jelaine Faunce

The Anxious, Exciting, Nerve-Wracking, Confusing, Liberating Experience of Personal Growth I met Jen Ward via the Internet, or, more specifically, Twitter; she was quoted by someone else I followed, and something in her quote caught my attention.  I decided to follow her, too.  This was in late December.  By mid-January, I had a feeling she could help me in my ongoing quest for spiritual understanding, not just of myself, but also of the world around me. I am, by nature, a rather inquisitive person.  I am also intuitive, methodical, empathetic and ambitious.  It’s a strenuous combination at times, and it’s gotten me into periods of physical exhaustion more than once.  But, it has never stopped me from seeking more enlightenment; such is my curiosity about life. I had decided upon following her Twitter feed and reading her blog that I would wait for an internal cue about when or if I should contact her for a session.  In March it came- with a bang.  I had a personal experience through viewing something completely unrelated to myself that convinced me I was dealing with emotions and impulses not from this lifetime.   It wasn’t the first time I’d experienced this, but it […]

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Speech Empowerment

When was the last time you received a compliment and just accepted it graciously? We are taught to diminish ourselves. Even in our self-talk. We are afraid to be perceived as egotistical. But this is just a façade for a deeper fear. Historically, if someone was pointed out in the crowd, it could mean certain death. One such scenario is the Salem Witch Trials. Anyone could be accused and pulled away from their family and persecuted. This happened in most eras before democracy. Memories of persecution along with many other traumas are stored in our DNA. As much as we may want to be acknowledged, the fear from past eras may be too ingrained to allow it. The reality is that it’s not life and death to be pointed out in the crowd in present times; at least not in America. In one sense it is a good spiritual practice to empower yourself with self approval. If things get out of balance, the Universe will bring a blow to the ego to correct it, but it won’t be life and death. Also False Humility is a throwback from past lives in sects of worship. To feign humility is unnecessary and […]

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