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Release Humanity From the Grip of the Abusers

If you think of all the subtle and demonstrative ways these taps can benefit humanity, it is inspiring. Also, it addresses all the abusers in our own lives as well.

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“We declare ourselves surrogates for […]

Healing Worksheet for Any Body Part

Your ___________is doing everything it can to help you. It is protecting you, it is stretching for you, its being used as a storage tank, its releasing toxins. Please don’t expect it to be perfect. Please don’t reject it, or blame it. Show some respect to your personal boundary and sentry in this world. Every […]

Why I can’t Watch The Ellen Show

Like everyone else, I love Ellen. But I can’t watch her show. A popular segment makes me very anxious inside and I figured out why. When Ellen gives away the really generous gifts to the people in need, it is hard for me to watch. Not because I am jealous of the people receiving the […]

Taps to Release the Trauma of Your Own Death

Someone is asking for these taps spiritually. They will help release the trauma of past deaths.

To figure out what your past lives are, do these taps and see which ones cause reactions. That will give you a clue of your past traumas. Once you get a sense of that, you can see how it […]

The Light of Your Own Splendor

Sometimes people suffer so much incredible pain and trauma that they curl up in a ball within themselves and wish to be anywhere than where they are. Many times they stay embedded in that position until they can be coaxed out with extreme kindness. It is a process.

If you know someone who is annoying, […]