Releasing Oppression

I recently had a private remote session with a woman who felt like a very clear soul. I usually get a sense of all the issues mingled into a person’s energy field. With her, it was much different. She felt very clear but also restricted. I described the feeling to her and she said that it was how she felt. It felt like she was laying on her back and someone had a gigantic thumb pressed into her chest. The fact that I felt what she had trouble articulating until then was very validating to her. It felt like this feeling had been with her through so many of her incarnations that it felt normal. How it manifested in this lifetime was that she had an overwhelming awareness of the lack of control that society seems to have. To her, society seemed to be at the mercy of a malevolent force. Actually this was her personal issue from many lifetimes ago. I saw the core lifetime. She was some kind of bug or small creature and someone toyed with her. She was their captured plaything. When we went through the taps that her energy told me would free her, she had the […]

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Technique to Speed Recovery Time

When we feel pain, have problems or are sick, our natural tendency is to shut down our energy. We close it down naturally and curl up in a ball. We introvert, feel sorry for ourselves and focus on the issue. This delays recovery time. The way to get over whatever we are going through more quickly is to keep our energy field open as much as possible. Rest; yes. Take care of yourself; yes. But do it in a positive manner. Instead of lamenting about whatever is happening, see this as the Universe sending a message; giving a hint about the present course of action or helping you shift your priorities slightly. When we can see what ever comes as a blessing, we remain fluid. We are a pipeline of divine love. Gratitude, acceptance, and flexibility keep the love flowing. Complaining, over reacting, and focusing on the issue, close down the pipeline. Our well-being depends on being as fluid as possible. This takes some self-discipline to shift our focus and practice the spiritual law of silence. The result is well worth the work.

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Choosing to Re-live Trauma

When we talk about, or even think about an unpleasant event or tragedy, we are trapped in that event. If it involves others then we are trapping them in that event as well. If there is an unpleasant incident relating to interactions with others and we talk about it, we are reconnecting ourselves to those people. This is true with our pets as well. So many people want to relive their pet’s illness or how they suffered before they have come to this blessing of a good life with them. But the person doesn’t realize they are holding their pet trapped in the experience by talking about it. I have watched so many sweet dogs, let out a heavy sign as they have to relive, once again, how emaciated, scared, or broken the were. They hear it again and again. Change it by letting go of the story and always being in a loving moment with them. Maybe if we catch ourselves doing it to our pet, we can catch ourselves from doing the same thing to ourselves.

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Release Shutting Down Your Own Joy

I have a friend who hasn’t been very much fun to be around. She has only wanted to do things that she enjoys doing and when someone else wants to do something or go somewhere different, she refuses. She gets anxious to get home. She has never enjoyed going to events and she treats every occasion as something to dread. As kind as she is, the relationship has been one-sided and devoid of spontaneity and joy. We recently got to the root of the matter. I wanted her to spend the afternoon with me. I just blurted out. You don’t have to be afraid to die, we are just going shopping. She started crying at that statement and continued until I picked her up. When I arrived at her house. I saw images of one of her past lives that was affecting her joy in this life. Multiple images overlaid the one that I was seeing vividly. This showed that the trauma was ingrained and reinforced in many lifetimes. What happens is there is a small transgression to a part of the body or psyche and that part becomes vulnerable to similar transgressions in different scenarios. For example, if I see […]

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Healing the Broken Child Within

Let’s face it. Not everyone has had a happy childhood. Some of us have come into a lonely, loveless life where nurturing and kindness was something we watched happen to others from afar. Some of us are still numb from the experience. Some of us have not been able to gain the momentum in life that those, who have been treasured, have to their advantage. There are great techniques to change the script of what we endured at the mercy of the world. A good technique is to visualize yourself as an angel of light and go to the baby that you once were. Pour incredible love into your self in baby form. Give yourself all the encouragement and nurturing that was withheld from you. Return often to the child the baby grows into and comfort yourself in those lonely, scary moments that you have endured. You can also tap into earlier lifetimes when you were loved. Realize that this lifetime is only one experience and it does not define the totality of who you are. Also, try doing these taps: (Say each statement three times while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on […]

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