Technique for People who Still Watch Television

Have you noticed that television ads keep getting more annoying? They use sounds like slurping on a straw, repeated foghorns and the most primal, annoying sounds they can use. They sneak them in with jokes or a cute baby to make them palatable but they know exactly what they are doing! Like Pavlov’s dog, they are programming your actions. They are not treating you with dignity and respect. They are intentionally annoying you. What are you going to do about it? They think you will do nothing but buy their product. Let’s train them to treat us with respect. If they want the honor of having their product being paraded before us in the sanctity of our home, they can do it in an uplifting way. Whenever an advertiser irritates you, send that irritation directly back to the senders as a slap on the wrist. Send it back to the product and the advertising company. Don’t send it directly to individuals, just the company and the driving force. There is no reason to sit with this irritation. If sending it back to the sender feels empowering then it is your right to do this. Don’t do it with any ill […]

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Opening the Floodgates of Love

We are all tiny spigots in the waterworks of life. What we do or don’t do, doesn’t seem to matter in the grand scheme of things. But it does. Too many of us have shut down our flow. It happens because of an inability to share our gifts, being tired of trying, hearing we don’t matter or not having anyone to love us back. Humanity needs your spigot turned on full blast. You matter. Your flow matters. Turning your spigot on encourages others to turn theirs on. It could open their flow by association. It doesn’t matter how it happens, only that it does.Life needs to flow again. Love needs that perpetual flow. You are important to make that happen. It doesn’t matter what shut you down. We all have a story about someone refusing our love, someone hurting us, someone denying us the right to love. This is the nature of the world that fortifies our indignation by not accepting our love. But that is the illusion. The multitudes are waiting for your love. If you have no one to love you, love others more. There are those in the world that are so deprived of love that they […]

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Release Being Sacrificed

There is something weird that I’ve noticed. The more beneficial an exercise or a set of taps that I give may be, the less likely they are to be recognized and shared by people. I was listening to my Guides recently and they told me to try changing the wording. My sister noticed that people don’t do the taps unless they are directly related to them. I don’t think that this is conscious. The brain filters out over 75% of information that is not relevant. Being sacrificed is relevant because we all sacrifice ourselves everyday. Some of us sacrifice ourselves to a job that brings little fulfillment. Some people sacrifice themselves to a family that doesn’t appreciate them. We sacrifice our health and well-being to have a comfortable lifestyle that creates toxic byproducts. We sacrifice our hard-earned money to government officials with a self-serving agenda. We sacrifice our personal point of view to popular consensus. We sacrifice comfort for beauty. We sacrifice creativity for job security. We sacrifice our voice to be part of the herd mentality. We sacrifice being authentic to be liked. The list goes on and on. In many of my private remote sessions, I learn that people […]

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Professional Assistance

The healing I do for the planet is similar to what I do for an individual. Since it is so effective for the one, I see it as effective for the whole. What I do is visualize the world from afar. I view as kind of like a clear mylar balloon. I see the smoky strains of anger and hate and visualize them being drawn out. It would look similar to smoke being drawn out through a cracked window. The smoke streams of anger are red. The streams of hate are black. I see them muddling all the sweet colors of the earth. But then I draw them out with my intention, across space and into a river of golden light. As they infuse with the river, they dissolve back into love. The world in return becomes bright and wholesome again. I see it glistening. I infuse as much light and love into it until the whole sphere is resonating and emanating in divine love. You are welcome to join me in that vision if you wish. Also, whatever modality you practice, imagine the world as your patient and visualize assisting it. Send it your professional assistance. See all the beings […]

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Love Motivated Intention

People who have been effective in uplifting humanity are ones that have lived in their macrocosm as if it was their microcosm. It is a slight shift in the awareness of the person to do it. They may not even realize what they are doing energetically and why they are so effective. You can consciously do what they have done energetically and as you are successful, great acts will follow. Most people think of themselves as small compared to the world; like a random nothing on this big earth. If, that is, they ever think on those terms at all.There is a way to use those great mind skills of compartmentalization to get an energetic command of the world. It is very simple to do. This is how I do it. I envision myself as a clear bead that the surging energy of divine love is perpetually flowing through. I keep this imagery always handy during the day and pull it up often. The hole of the bead that is me, runs through me at the crown chakra and threads through my whole energy system and out through the feet. But instead of just going through, it permeates my whole […]

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