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Sitting in the Middle of the Seat

My Dog Simha is in her element during her car rides. She gets lost in the experience. When she gets in the back seat, she chooses the window that she wants to hang out of. By sitting right next to it, she expects the window to automatically roll down; and it does. It rolls down […]

The Aloe’s Gift

I was at a friend’s house and she wanted to be helpful so she offered me a piece of aloe from her plant to soothe some sunburn. She said that she got a nudge that the aloe plant wanted to help me. I felt its kindness soak into my skin and bring relief.

Before I […]

The Truth About Santa Claus

Adults have been lying to Children for way too long about Santa Claus. Of course, it is because they have been lied to as well. They really have lost touch with that magical place within themselves and so they do what children who have been violated do. They perpetuate the Lie.

It is time to […]

Being in Agreement

There is nothing that a pure intention fueled by positive energy can’t overcome. When two or more come into agreement with such a thing, it is exponential. That is what I do for others, I agree with them at their highest potential, however they express this.

I am still taken back by people who argue […]

Healing a Frog Pond

A woman who had many problems was talking about her frog pond. It was a beautiful sanctuary she created in her back yard. But she talked about it as a problem. She explained how she detested Blue Herons because they would fly over her house and eat the frogs in her pond.