Mind Blowing Love

Yesterday’s group call was so amazing!  I closed my eyes, really tuned into everyone’s voices and energy and I felt as though I was transported back to the room we were in at Woodcliff, with all those beautiful souls I have known through many, many life times.  Thank you Jen for bringing us together in […]

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The Golden Rule

We are not each others’ scapegoats. Just because we are angry with our lives, society, how someone else has treated us, we do not get to inflict our anger upon others. This is pure ignorance. This is what celebrities and famous people have become for others. It is what they have had to put up with […]

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I just had the weirdest thing happen!! Smudge crawled on my lap purring and wanting attention. He had a little dirty spot on the right side of his nose. I started to rub it out by wetting my finger and stroking him pretty firmly on that spot to clean his face. As I did that, […]

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The Pilgrimage

Recently I had a session with a client who was having some conflict with her husband. It centered around finances and trust issues in regards to their security. People try to tell me what is going on in the present but I really don’t need to hear it. They are already showing me energetically the […]

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