Testimonial for Retreat

I remember in the early days of Eckankar; feeling all the love in just being around total strangers that felt like lifetime friends. We didn’t have to have any thing in common. We were connected by our desire for truth and to live beyond a convention that was stifling. I remember attending the seminars and absolutely falling in love with everyone I met. I could talked to anyone in attendance and let my guard down because the love was so incredible that there was nothing to defend. I felt such freedom and happiness that I made it a priority to go to as many Seminars as possible so I could experience the love and truth. But something happened along the way. I still was devoted to the teachings but the priority changed within them. It was a subtle change but it became about supporting the drive to reach seekers rather than to support the ones already present in the group. There was a subtle pressure to volunteer. Because isn’t that where the love is? But the more I gave, the less I felt that original ambiance of unconditional acceptance and higher consciousness. Even the talks became more about sharing the […]

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Renaissance of Awakening

We are here to share our gifts with others so they can access their own by association. I have seen this happen. I see people access incredible truth and healing abilities this way! It is exciting. There was no four-minute mile in running until one person did it…now more people can do it. Runners still have to train but there is evidence of what is possible for them to access. Most people who have special talents don’t want others to have them. They want to be considered special. So they make themselves seem larger than life as a barrier between them and people gaining access to their gifts. They see their gifts as a commodity to make a career of. They have to be competitive because it is their business. I do the opposite. I share everything I can with everyone and encourage the sharing. This is an upgrade in consciousness. This is the secret sauce in life. This is the shift that humanity is approaching. Instead of Us vs Them, we are walking into an Us is Them mode. When we empower others, we create a better world for all. That is the whole point. We have this incredible […]

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Us vs Them

Many people dread the thought of reincarnating back to earth again. It implies a lack of control. That’s why the concept of heaven is so appealing. It’s bad enough that people have to come to terms with dying. At least going to heaven lands us in a wonderful place. That makes death as palatable as possible. But that belief leaves us with a false sense of security. What is scarier than the uncertainty of crossing over? The fear of coming back with a different set of circumstances that are out of our control. The thought of coming back to parents that are poor, or worse, ignorant, is very scary. The thought of incarnating in any one of the war zones in the world or any of the places where quality of life or freedom are unknown is hard to contemplate. Those who want peace on earth or not simply dreamers. They are realists. They understand that what we create on earth is what they are going to have to deal with in the future. To think that we can just devour and take as much as possible while we are here and then be lofted into a comfy eternity of bliss […]

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Recently I had a session with a regular client. She is very healthy but wanted to work on her physical health as a preventative thing. Her only concern in that area was a thickness or a harmless cyst in her left foot. That is what she wanted to address. As I tuned in, I perceived a rebellious streak in her and lack of discipline; like she was afraid to move forward in thought. She adamantly agreed. We had, in past sessions, uncovered deep issues over being enslaved. So it made sense that she would resent being told what to do in any form. This was even causing her display incredible lack of discipline in any areas where she felt she was being inhibited. This dichotomy also played out in her personal interactions. She resented being helped in any way but also backed herself in a corner so that she needed assistance by love ones. This showed up in her financial and social affairs. The behavior reminded me of an animal that has been caged for so long that they are conditioned to be afraid to leave the cage. Some of the taps I led her through for this were: (Say […]

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Many people wonder, if there is such a thing as past lives and connecting to the other side and perceiving more subtle realities, why they don’t have any unique abilities. There are many reasons. There is a mechanism within us that acts as a curtain to keep out all the experiences of a subtler nature. It’s purpose is to keep us focused on the lessons of this particular lifetime without overwhelming us. If an individual knew of all they have experienced, it would be distracting from the life lessons at hand and could be overwhelming. In the human experience, we have all abused power in the past and learned from our own actions how horrific it is to cause another pain. I am not sure that those who have the greatest compassion and do the greatest good in the world, are not undoing their own blemishes from the past. If someone knew they were royalty in a past, that knowledge alone could lighten the impact of the lesson of living in humility in this life. The truth of the opposite would see them through. They would just live this life in quiet resolve waiting for the throw of the dice […]

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