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This is how we transcend. It is not by magic. It is not through osmosis or being saved by a super human race. We must take the initiative. That is why we came here. To do the work. (Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 3rd time while […]

Finding a Friendly Village

A large, outdoor Zen Garden

People incarnate into groups that they have enjoyed in past incarnations. Whenever someone feels like the outsider in a group dynamic, it is because they are. They were most likely the enemy of this set of people in times past.

You would think that knowing this would upset people, but it is very liberating. Children […]

Renaissance of Awakening

We are here to share our gifts with others so they can access their own by association. I have seen this happen. I see people access incredible truth and healing abilities this way! It is exciting. There was no four-minute mile in running until one person did it…now more people can do it. Runners still […]

Us vs Them

Many people dread the thought of reincarnating back to earth again. It implies a lack of control. That’s why the concept of heaven is so appealing. It’s bad enough that people have to come to terms with dying. At least going to heaven lands us in a wonderful place. That makes death as palatable as […]


Recently I had a session with a regular client. She is very healthy but wanted to work on her physical health as a preventative thing. Her only concern in that area was a thickness or a harmless cyst in her left foot. That is what she wanted to address.

As I tuned in, I perceived […]