Reiki Master Smudge

Jen and Simha

Every time I facilitate a healing phone session, my cat partner Smudge jumps on me at the beginning of the session. He gets a real focused look on his face, his paws get very hot and he walks back and forth over me, kissing the phone. He is very conscientious. I have actually had intuitive clients feel him send them healing love. Every once in a while Smudge has a message for a client. It usually is similar each time; that they need to get a cat or they need to love their present cat better. If the sessions become intense, Smudge may walk away until the session returns to a more uplifting place. The sessions are performed in a “place” beyond the physical and start on time even if the client is deterred. Smudge confirmed this today. A client called a few minutes late today but Smudge jumped on me exactly on the hour and started working before they called. He showed his commitment to his craft.

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Beyond Reiki

Reiki energy is a wonderful Universal tool.  It is the life force collected and channeled by a facilitator to focus and channel energy.   I use the analogy of a magnifying glass collecting sunlight to heat an object. That’s my simplistic way to explain Reiki.  The facilitator is acting as the magnifying glass to direct Universal Energy. I have met people who said that they have tried to receive Reiki and it made them too agitated.  I have my own understanding of why this happens.  The people who can’t tolerate Reiki, I believe, have too much pent up energy. They can’t handle any more. They may need stagnant energy, which is caused by old emotional issues, released from their energy field.  This is what I do for a client.  I help their body release energy blockages so that their body can receive the healing benefits of Reiki. This is easy enough to do.  The facilitator holds their hands over the clients diaphragm and instead of channeling energy in, they draw old energy out.  I would recommend that the facilitator send the stagnant energy, through their hands, away from themselves, and into a river of light.  This is done with a visualization […]

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