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The Rescue Plan

I get frustrated with people’s emotional drama and mind loops. I go where people’s words, thoughts, and emotions take me. Words are like coordinates to a time and place. Thoughts and emotions are like latitude and longitude points. Usually, I don’t like where their coordinates take me so I respond abruptly so as not to […]

The Practice

We assume that people know how to be kind. No. Some have never seen it. They need a demonstration. Perhaps a few rounds of repetitive kindness coming from them at different vantage points. That, we can do. It took a lot of conditioning to programming the kindness and innocence out of people. It is going […]

Know When Your Slip is Showing

Listening to people’s problems and dis-satisfactions is very difficult for me. It is excruciating and takes a lot of self-control to sit still for them. For me it is reliving them right in that moment. I don’t know why people want to make others live their pain with them unless they don’t understand that is […]

Don’t Fall For It!

When someone asks you a question starting with, “How would you feel if….?”…don’t fall for it. It is a manipulative tactic to draw you into their issue by making it personal. They are trying to penetrate your energetic borders and make you susceptible to their cause. Don’t fall for it. They can deny it all […]

Reality Check

There are those who want to remind us how horrific the world is right now. They want to cut through our joy. They consciously believe they are being noble but don’t realize that it is a form of manipulation. If they can weaken our happiness, then they feel important.

They see those of us who […]