Problem People

Don’t Fall For It!

When someone asks you a question starting with, “How would you feel if….?”…don’t fall for it. It is a manipulative tactic to draw you into their issue by making it personal. They are trying to penetrate your energetic borders and make you susceptible to their cause. Don’t fall for it. They can deny it all […]

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Reality Check

There are those who want to remind us how horrific the world is right now. They want to cut through our joy. They consciously believe they are being noble but don’t realize that it is a form of manipulation. If they can weaken our happiness, then they feel important. They see those of us who […]

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Sharing Problems

When someone puts their problems “out there”, they are looking for some unforeseen force to save them. They are limiting their own effectiveness by putting themselves at a lower vantage point than the unforeseen “saver” or savior. They are debasing themselves. The sympathetic are at a higher vantage point than those that are receiving sympathy. […]

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Adopt Joy!

Many people are pack animals. They want to feel included when they are in a group. They want to be validated as part of the herd. Unfortunately some may revert to the lowest common denominator in groups to ensure that they belong. The lowest commonality is complaints and problems. Everyone seems to be able to […]

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