Perpetual Prayer

There is a sense of separateness in the way that we think, feel and act. We may believe that of all the things we think, say, feel and do are are incremental, but that is not really accurate. We wake up, perform our morning routine, go to work, interact with people one at a time, […]

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Network of Love

Make your Love so big and so pure that every living being in the Universe can feel it. See your love as larger than the whole Solar System, stuffed and compacted into your body. And when you say your prayers or do your meditations, acknowledge everyone else who is showing their reverence at the same […]

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Being Centered

Being centered is being in the eye of the storm. It is your own calm. It is where your Love and truth is. There are definite signs that you are in your center. When one is centered they are at peace with themselves. They are kind, and content and happy. There is no jealousy and […]

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Enhance Your Own Value

We send prayers up like messages to a signal tower in hopes that they will be prioritized and delivered. When will we realize, that WE are the signal tower. Whether prayers are effective or random has to do with two things. The signal strength of the sender and the receptiveness of the recipient. Send your […]

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