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What Needs to Shift

There are core beliefs that we hold dear that were instilled to control the individual. The whole way our government is set up is that we elect officials to vote for us. They were intended to be wiser people who could discern the issues and vote in our best interest. That is just one example […]

The Cycle of Power

Clients come to me for private sessions, many times because they are feeling victimized. Since I am able to see glimpses of their past incarnations, I can see the cycle of the power plays in their interactions. For example, if someone was abused by a relative, many times it is revealed that in past lives, […]

Freedom to Hold Your Truth In

I used to think that I had to let people know how I was feeling in every instance. If I was dissatisfied with service, they had to be made aware if it. Through my tone, mannerisms and body language, I was going to let them know that I was disappointed. This behavior is called passive […]

Hidden in Plain Sight (Why I woke up angry)

I was on the astral plane; which looks and feels a lot like the physical plane; sitting in a huge group of truth seekers. Maybe you were there? It may have registered as being a dream. You may or may not remember it but you could have been there.

Everyone was there trying to discover […]

Changing Friend Dynamics

Jen and Simha

When someone is telling you about their problems, they will say things like, “You know how it feels when _________”

You are feeling just fine but they want you to remember a time when you felt like they do so that you will be able to relate to their pain. They are actually pulling your […]