Ten Ways to Make Your Life Better Right Now

Focus on the good things in life and allow the rest to dry up. People need to be trained to do that. Maybe you can help. Stop listening to negative people just to be polite. Don’t agree with negative statements. Only offer thoughtful, uplifting comments to others. Stop talking about the past and what was. When I help people in a session, they immediately start to tell me about how bad they WERE feeling. I cut them off. It brings the issues back. Debating isn’t about changing someone else’s mind. It is about one-upping them; creating mind loops. Don’t indulge in it and separate yourself from others who do. Ignore ALL negative statements. People are on autopilot when they say them anyway. Wait until they say something good, THEN respond. Teach people that all you will accept in your Universe is positive. Reward people when they are positive. Engage them more. If they turn the conversation to negative issues, disengage. Instead of asking people How they are doing, get used to asking, ‘What’s good?’ It changes what you will receive. Call people on their stuff. When someone says they are going through something, respond with something like, ‘We are all […]

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Choosing How You Resonate

There are different spiritual laws besides the Law of Attraction. They are as exacting as the Law gravity. One of them is the Law of Vibrations. It simply states that every thing that exists vibrates at a particular frequency. Matter, thoughts and emotions all have a vibration. The law of Vibration explains that we attract to ourselves those things that resonate in agreement with our vibration. Think of the example of a bucket of ping pong balls dropped from the ceiling. Eventually, they will all bounce at the same height. If there were balls in the group t hat bounced higher, it would help the group of balls bounce higher. This is similar to how we as individuals uplift (or degrade) the consciousness of everyone. Remember when every town had a church bell? What a beautiful sound. The purpose of the church bell may have been lost years before it was used. The purpose was to ring through the group and have them all resonate at a similar frequency. It was to bring a harmony to the group. Yet now conformity is reaching critical mass in many ways. The more we break out of the conformity of mass thinking, the […]

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Speech Empowerment

When was the last time you received a compliment and just accepted it graciously? We are taught to diminish ourselves. Even in our self-talk. We are afraid to be perceived as egotistical. But this is just a façade for a deeper fear. Historically, if someone was pointed out in the crowd, it could mean certain death. One such scenario is the Salem Witch Trials. Anyone could be accused and pulled away from their family and persecuted. This happened in most eras before democracy. Memories of persecution along with many other traumas are stored in our DNA. As much as we may want to be acknowledged, the fear from past eras may be too ingrained to allow it. The reality is that it’s not life and death to be pointed out in the crowd in present times; at least not in America. In one sense it is a good spiritual practice to empower yourself with self approval. If things get out of balance, the Universe will bring a blow to the ego to correct it, but it won’t be life and death. Also False Humility is a throwback from past lives in sects of worship. To feign humility is unnecessary and […]

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Perpetuating Positivity

On the surface consistently positive people seem weak. But it’s much more difficult to be positive than negative. It takes much more discipline, authenticity and effort than following the flow of gossip and back biting. Practicing the art of perpetuating positivity is a great way to live with purpose and integrity. When talking to others, it’s easier to feel a sense of belonging by trashing everyone and everything. This negativity seems to take on a life of its own. One simple unflattering statement about another person or situation seems to be the hole in the damn that gushes forth a stream of negativity. How easy it is to start complaining about current events as a common ground. But as difficult as it is to abstain from negative comments, it’s easier than trying to stop yourself once you start. To hone your character try lovingly countering a negative subject matter with a positive point about the same subject. See how it feels to inject positivity rather than negativity. It may surprise you how exhilarating it feels to break free from the negative stream with a simple positive or neutral statement. If you don’t want to participate in gossip without being confrontational, […]

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