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Something to Strive For

Linear Thinking – Us vs Them Omniscience – Win/Win

Linear Thinking – Monetary Superiority Omniscience – Multifaceted Abundance

Linear Thinking – Worship the Mind Omniscience – Honors the Heart

Linear Thinking – Stick to the Facts Omniscience – Follow Your Gut

Linear Thinking – 9-5 Existence Omniscience – Living Your Purpose

Linear Thinking – Male […]


Every fit of anger that’s given up to the light Is one step closer to soul taking flight

Every argument that the world decides to concede Causes the germination of a dormant peace seed

Every judgment that anyone decides to forgo Is a small piece of “power” just letting go

Every grudge that we collectively […]

Poem written by Trees

I recently went to a park where I used to walk daily many years ago. The trees remembered me. They greeted me like old friends. They asked about my dog family I used to bring with me. They showed genuine concern over my loss at their passing. It touched me more than a million human […]

My World

River in a wooded area

I live in a world where everyone is valued. Where Love, Joy and Kindness are practiced by all I live in a world where disease is not the norm and people have to scratch their head to try to think of anything that is wrong. Where every dog and cat has a happy home in […]


River in a wooded area

Hell No! I won’t go. Don’t turn me into a GMO!

All this worry tears me apart I want to keep my human heart

Please don’t make my skin out of rubber I’ll be reduced to saline tears when I blubber

Please don’t give me silicon eyes That are kept in boxes in medical supplies