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Energetic Ponzi Schemes

All of society is paralyzed in layers and layers of Ponzi schemes. Everything that puts a label on us is a form of a Ponzi scheme. They are things that not only do we unwittingly give all our energy to, we are also saddled with the issues of the members of that group as well. […]

Technique to Adopt a Non-Reactive Stance

We are a vibrant ball of energy. Our interactions, on a more subtle level aren’t merely a matter of not bumping into each other physically. It is also important to avoid bumping into each other on more subtle levels as well. On an emotional level, this would look like two people yelling and crying in […]

Become a Toxic-Free Zone

People try to pull us into their drama. They try to get us to debate them or entice us with gossip. They try to pull us down to their level by piquing our curiosity, stroking our ego or stirring an emotional response.

If we don’t respond, they get their feelings hurt. They may accuse us […]

Freedom to Hold Your Truth In

I used to think that I had to let people know how I was feeling in every instance. If I was dissatisfied with service, they had to be made aware if it. Through my tone, mannerisms and body language, I was going to let them know that I was disappointed. This behavior is called passive […]

Being A Good Person

Sometimes being a good person is more than just mouthing words of encouragement that others want to hear. Sometimes it means advocating for someone who others would prefer to shun. Sometimes it is having compassion for an issue when others would prefer to sweep it under the rug. Sometimes it is taking the unfavorable stance; […]