Bird Whisperer

I started doing a remote healing session with someone and was distracted by the birds arguing in the background on their end of the phone. Apparently there was one bird disgruntled because a neighbor bird moved too close and was taking all the good food. I did a release on the bird and explained to him this is the life he was given and this is where his happiness is. It seemed to help. A few minutes later we heard harmonious singing.

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An International Healer – Dissipating War

I am trembling with energy after the session I just finished. It was a very powerful remote session with a client who lives in, and is from Turkey. It was an amazing session. Turkey feels like a vortex of positive energy. I didn’t realize that before the session. My client’s English was not great, so I did not lead her through many taps, and just released a lot of issues without them. I did lead her through the protocol for all thought forms and she agreed to be a surrogate to release war for the collective “we”. I know my protocol is an effective way to release issues. My intention is to assist enough people to dissipate war altogether in my lifetime. I hear people arguing with me in their minds that this is not possible. But think about it: if someone argues against this intention, they are advocating for war. Arguing for the gray areas is still advocating for war. It is a subtle play of the mind and the emotions but that is what it is. For those who understand this point, or want to support this intention, please do the taps that I led my client through. […]

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The Gift of True Contentment

Although I have a huge family I have spent many holidays alone. I have been hungry and alone through many of them. When I was a child, I gushed over my slightly younger niece’s gifts as she listed them off to me. I remember her extending her arm to show me the expensive watch that she received. She innocently asked what I had received. It was my first lesson about the division of social class and realizing that I was a “have not”. Yet I was happy to see everyone, and to get to have special foods. But being around a lot of people doesn’t satiate that loneliness within. Holidays gave me the rare opportunity to dig deep to find reverence in the days. Now it is a choice if I will be around people or not. I am not caught up in this swell of unconscious excitement. I am calm and reverent and use the day when every one else, I assume is over-taxed and stressed, to tune into the real reasons to be grateful. All the beautiful decorations, a magical snowfall, a huge mass of people connected in a similar mind and state is magical. I have never asked […]

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The Alchemy of our Lives

Kindness, resolve and a sense of Peace are reflections of who we are as spiritual beings. Our work and home lives are the points of entry that showcase our spiritual state to all who know us. Converting the chaos that characterizes the physical realm into Joy, Love, Abundance Freedom for all; is the spiritual alchemy that is spinning straw into Gold. How we use our gifts to uplift and enlighten others is where the “rubber meets the road”.

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Our Natural State

Joy, Abundance, and Peace are aspects of the perpetual flow of Love that we not only have access to, but it is our natural state. If we are not experiencing all of these things, it is because WE have removed ourselves from them. Some of the ways that we disconnect from the natural flow of Joy, Abundance, Peace and ultimately, Love, is through fear, a limited belief system and forgetting who we are in our natural state of wholeness.

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