Past Lives

Why Remember?

The reason to remember our past lives is to help us recognize how they have formulated who we are in the present moment. Every bit of fear, disdain, pain and reaction is a hiccup from a past life. If we are not resonating with absolute Joy, Love, Abundance, Beauty, and Wholeness, there is something in our past that has pushed us away from being in the flow of them. It is our job to awaken and figure out what has interfered with our being in the current of the highest vibratory rate possible, and get ourselves back in the game. A painful experience is a choice. Are we going to look at it objectively to see what it is trying to show us? Or are we going to bury it back into our subconscious and throw more dirt on it? Each memory, realization, and epiphany is us standing on a precipice and deciding to be greater than we were the moment before. It is us accepting to be free. It is us throwing down the gauntlet on convention and choosing to peel away the layers. Each nugget of truth that we embrace leads us closer to our ultimate empowerment.

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Private Sessions: What Are They Like?

People ask me what private sessions with me are like. Hopefully, this will give you an idea. A session begins with clients calling me at a pre-arranged time.  They pick a time when they will be alone, quiet, and can process afterwards. I get on the phone and feel your energy. I feel issues like a stagnant cloud. I don’t need to hear the story. I already know from tuning in. I convert that stagnant energy to sound and dissipate it by emoting it. Some people who are sensitive to energy feel tingles or lightness in their body. I tell them what the past life core issues are and then I lead them through a series of taps to release the initial pain so it stops bleeding through to this life. We shift their energy (sometimes drastically) so they feel freer than they may ever remember feeling.

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Healing Blueprint

This is like Chicken Soup for the whole Energy System I remember a private session I had with someone who was really stuffed up. She could hardly breathe. I didn’t follow any of the protocols for taps that I usually use. I just led her through what came to me at the moment. During many eras of humanity, the only way to escape was to get sick and die. That is what the slave song. Sweet Low, Sweet Chariot is expressing. The singer is fantasizing about how death will come and bring relief. We indulge this mentality when we become overwhelmed. Also, when we fear that will contract a disease, sometimes it conjures a memory of being sick with that disease in a past life. If we can let go of the fear and memory, it helps to dismantle this mindset. The session ended up being a powerful blueprint for optimal health. I encourage everyone to do these taps and to keep them handy when they are starting to feel run down. These are a gift to anyone who recognizes them as that. By the end of the hour, her energy was strong and she sounded clear. (Say each statement […]

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Releasing Ingrained Habits

There are ridges in our energy field. I call them engrams. They are ingrained habits that get etched into our energy by our experiences. It is similar to grooves in an old vinyl record. They cause us to react predictably in similar situations. Just like getting burned teaches us not to put our hand in the fire, there are experiences that have happened in our many lifetimes that cause us to react in various ways. Being pulled from the crowd and tortured teaches us to fear speaking up. Being killed fighting for truth teaches us to betray our own truth. Being abandoned teaches us to do anything to please others. These are the kinds of experiences that we have had ingrained deeply within us. They do not serve us anymore. (Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.) I remove all engrams created by fear, in all lifetimes. I remove all engrams pertaining to death, in all lifetimes. I remove all engrams that cause sadness, in all lifetimes. I remove all engrams that hinder my freedom, in all lifetimes. I remove all engrams that interfere with my […]

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Follow up with Skye Daniels

After Skye’s session, I was checking in to see how she was doing. More taps came up. Here is how it went. If you want to tap into the incredible intensity of our exchange, do these taps. Say each statement out loud three times while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest. Jen: Do this tap, I release being a mercenary, in all lifetimes. Skye Damn. That was intense. I had no idea to do one like that. It feels like there’s more in that arena… Jen: Oh….I release the need to make amends, in all lifetimes. Skye: Oh! My! God!! Yes! I was given a belief by my most formative Bodywork teacher that everyone we work on is someone we owe from a past life. I’ve told that story dozens of times & totally owned it! Ahhhhh… Jen: I release all absolute truths that I have adopted from others in all lifetimes. Skye: *deep breath* Yes! What would it be to be in service to humanity as a free will choice, not because I owe them? An inquiry worth living into!!! Jen: Yes. I release my debt to society, in all […]

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