The Spiritual Law of Non Interference

When people pray, they are mixing a personal intention with Universal Energies. It is important to discriminate what is right prayer? If it is to influence another’s God given free will, then it violates the Spiritual Law of Noninterference.  All prayer should only be done to uplift the individual and not as a subtle form of control. Even though done as a gesture of Love, it’s not okay to interfere with someone’s personal relationship with God. I experienced this in a past life when I was a boy dying of influenza.  It was my time to go; I knew it in my heart.  I was ready for my journey.  My parents in their love for me and devotion, prayed for me to live.  I suffered a long time before I was able to win my battle to cross over.  The pain of that was so ingrained that it showed up as a conscious memory in this life. When we pray, sometimes we put the power outside of ourselves, when it is always within us. It is a way of influencing others without taking responsibility. This is a dichotomy. It’s not a challenge to anyone’s belief system. God does answer prayers. But […]

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