Negative Energy

Energetic Cleansing

Significant events in the news include fighting around the world and wildfires that are out of control. Fire is used in healing to cleanse an area of negative energy. Maybe the wildfires aren’t random. Maybe they are directly related to the hate and fighting in the world. The wildfires may be part of the cure. Maybe they are dissipating the negativity that the fighting is creating. Fire is a cleansing force. Technique to burn out the negativity in the world: Pour Epsom salts in a metal frying pan and add a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Light it with a match and stir it with a large metal spoon. It is good to do this over a stove because the flames can get high. Pour your intention of burning out all the negativity that is happening in the world into the pan. Watch the flames get higher as you pour the intention of dissipating the negativity in the world. Think of all the places that are fighting and all the issues that are brewing around the globe and pour them into the fire. Do this with a group and throw all issues into the fire. Do it often and feel […]

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Don’t Fall For It!

When someone asks you a question starting with, “How would you feel if….?”…don’t fall for it. It is a manipulative tactic to draw you into their issue by making it personal. They are trying to penetrate your energetic borders and make you susceptible to their cause. Don’t fall for it. They can deny it all they want or be ignorant to their motive, but this is what they are doing. Most likely, they will try to keep you engaged as a means of using your energy to feed the interaction. Refuse. Simply refuse to answer and politely withdraw all your attention from them. It is the way to maintain your objective without exhausting your resources.

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Being a Good Listener

There are those who still think it is necessary to be a sounding board for other people’s problems. Our physiology is not equipped to process all that a person who has access to the plights of the whole world can bring to us. One person can be a carrier of enough devastating news to weigh even the lightest soul down. But usually a listening ear doesn’t stop at just serving one person. The give their services to many, many people. Some people are equipped to lend a sympathetic ear. But if you are feeling tired or drained after listening to others, if you carry a lot of muscle ache in their upper back or shoulders, or if you are having problems in their own life, you should forgo the listening agenda until you return to complete physical and emotional well-being. Some people define themselves as a good Listener. In their mind, it amplifies who they are. But if it is crippling their quality of life, it is not worth the dubious honor. Especially when so many are still naïve as to the toxic effects of pouring their issues on each other. Here are some taps to be free of the […]

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Strength of Character

Have you ever had someone say something unkind about someone and you agreed? Maybe you wanted them to like you; or you just wanted to pacify them. You have used your energy for an ignoble purpose. It may seem like it is no big deal. But from the point of view of someone who has felt every barb, slight, insult, shun and admonishment as if it was physical pain; your contribution matters. In fact, the most healing moment for someone who is suffering for the sheer amusement of others is for a person who “matters” to NOT participate. The people who are unkind to others, go around collecting fuel to continue their agenda in the form of others condoning what they do. Giving them attention or joining in, is agreeing with their project. When someone says something unkind about someone, and you don’t want to confront them, just ignore them. Pretend you didn’t hear them. If they keep trying to get your attention, that is proof that they need your approval to continue. If you ignore them and they stop the behavior, that will be evidence of the weight you carry in others behavior. It is a powerful tool for […]

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Recently a client told me how she wanted to draw and paint again and just couldn’t bring herself to the task. She explained that she had a lot of art supplies that people had given her but she didn’t use any of them. The supplies that were donated to her were the key to understanding her lack of motivation. I asked her to think of why people had given her the supplies. They had gotten discouraged with not using them and passed them on. The energy of “the reason they didn’t use the supplies” was donated to her as well. When she accepted the art supplies, she also inherited the glass ceiling of their original owner’s lack of commitment to using them. This is what happens with second-hand stuff. We believe we are gaining a bargain. But sometimes we are gaining a limitation. Think of the items in your home that were acquired through someone else. Are they being used for their intended purpose? Do they feel inspiring or limiting. It is a very subtle thing but it may be the criteria used to see if you should keep them or not. Check out your stuff.

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