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Being Madame Blavatsky

I was told many years ago by my guides that I am Madam Blavatsky. When I saw her the first time, I did not want to believe it because she was so homely. I didn’t even realize that I had special abilities with healing and insights at the time. I wasn’t even devoted to writing […]

Being Empowered in the Moment

The goal is to be totally immersed in the moment because that is where heaven, providence, Nirvana or bliss is. Anything that detracts you from being empowered in the moment is a sabotage to your own spiritual empowerment. All thoughts, beliefs, different experiences on the time track or different realities in the space-time continuum can […]

Requests for Prayer

Many people are sharing their sad stories on Facebook these days. They want prayers and sympathy and understanding. But it is hard for a human psyche to handle a glut of bad news, especially when we are receptive to our friends here. Just one event is devastating to process but to process them all is […]

My World

River in a wooded area

I live in a world where everyone is valued. Where Love, Joy and Kindness are practiced by all I live in a world where disease is not the norm and people have to scratch their head to try to think of anything that is wrong. Where every dog and cat has a happy home in […]

Every time we…

Every time we …

Truly listen to another person, Listen to that inner voice of our internal adviser, Turn off the TV, Play ball with our child, Take that extra walk with our pet, Forgo the gossip, Take in nature, Pay attention to our dreams, Listen with our hearts, Forgo Judgment, Appreciate Beauty, […]