Every time we…

Every time we … Truly listen to another person, Listen to that inner voice of our internal adviser, Turn off the TV, Play ball with our child, Take that extra walk with our pet, Forgo the gossip, Take in nature, Pay attention to our dreams, Listen with our hearts, Forgo Judgment, Appreciate Beauty, Let someone ahead of us, See the good in others, Lead the way, Graciously follow, See the good in the world, Take notice, Show appreciation, Hold our tongue, Do without being asked, Allow someone else to shine, Put our egos in check, Take the higher ground, Give a hand up, Administer tough love, Allow someone their freedom of choice, Say a silent thank you, Give a gift from the heart, Treat others as equals, Heck, see the greatness in others, Demonstrate the greatness in ourselves, Validate another, Acknowledge the world as a whole, Put a mute button on the trash talk, Speak to angels, Pay our way, Adopt a pet, Hug someone in pain, Heal a wound, Capture a moment, Cheer someone on, Live our purpose, Manifest a reality, Create an option, Exude confidence, Accept a compliment, Connect from the heart…. We are uplifting consciousness and connecting […]

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Being A Good Person

Sometimes being a good person is more than just mouthing words of encouragement that others want to hear. Sometimes it means advocating for someone who others would prefer to shun. Sometimes it is having compassion for an issue when others would prefer to sweep it under the rug. Sometimes it is taking the unfavorable stance; not to prove a point but because there are real people with real feelings and real problems to factor in. Sometimes it may entail being unpopular. The question is: are you going to be a good person, or do you just want to think of yourself as one? Some people are lonely and want to fit in. Some people are suffering with a dilemma and trying to maneuver through it. Many are desperately trying to make sense of their life, society, God, and their place in the mix of it. Some just want to turn off the barrage of thoughts, and emotional angst that seems to string their existence together. Did you know it is illegal in many states to say that you can heal? It makes sense because of all the abuse that will come from that statement. But it is legal to administer drugs […]

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A Spirit of the Discarnated Persuasion (politically correct word for Ghost)

On the radio they were talking about a Halloween event where there were real ghosts on the property. It was the “draw”. Being one who is privy to the pain of other beings, and having the conscious memory of being a ghost myself, I was horrified. From my vantage point; he could have talked about any other group that was being exploited. He could have said, “come get pampered by real slaves”. There is such a disconnect from this issue and all the ramifications of it. A person who has not crossed over is trapped in a pain that is too horrific to imagine. Even if it is only an aspect of that person’s energy (which is sometimes the case); being a ghost is a living nightmare. Sometimes our own fears of being buried alive, being trapped in a coffin, being invisible and unheard, being paralyzed, reliving an unimaginable state of anguish, is our own memory of not crossing over. It is all fun and games until it becomes too real and one recognizes that the ghost is a regular person crying out for relief. If you sense a ghost, visualize yourself talking to them as the person they once were. […]

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Kundalini Energy

There was a man from Ghana who reached out for my help via twitter. He was working really diligently in tapping into his Kundalini Energy. This is a dormant and powerful source of energy in the body. He was performing practices to unleash it but was maybe not properly prepared to deal with what this entails. He became unbalanced. I tuned into him and released a lot of angst he was feeling and then I helped him put a cap on the Kundalini energy so that it was dormant again. He allowed me to balance out his energy for him. I also taught him how to sing the healing Mantra Hu every day to help himself continue to balance out. Hu is considered a love song to God and when sung it resonates at the same frequency as Love. It is sung in a long drawn out way; pronounced like the name Hugh. We sang it together and He felt instantly better. After that he admitted that he had very dark thoughts that involved hurting women. I encouraged him to sing Hu every day instead of his Kundalini practice so he could reach his potential in a balanced loving way.

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Freezing to Death

A friend of mine has purple hands and feet. She can never get them warm. The condition has a nice name so she knows how to refer to it. It is called Raynaud’s Disease. There is no real known cause. But when I look at her, I see flashes of her past life. She is in very cold water clinging on for dear life. The image looks like one of the scenes nearing the end of the movie Titanic. She froze to death in a past lifetime. That was the pain and trauma she is trying to validate in this life. It is as if her hands and feet are saying, “Look what you have been through. Look at the trauma so you can let it go.” Recognizing the true cause of anything is the way of dissipating its effects. At least this is what I have found regarding the emotional and physical pain of the body.

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