Don’t Fall For It!

When someone asks you a question starting with, “How would you feel if….?”…don’t fall for it. It is a manipulative tactic to draw you into their issue by making it personal. They are trying to penetrate your energetic borders and make you susceptible to their cause. Don’t fall for it. They can deny it all they want or be ignorant to their motive, but this is what they are doing. Most likely, they will try to keep you engaged as a means of using your energy to feed the interaction. Refuse. Simply refuse to answer and politely withdraw all your attention from them. It is the way to maintain your objective without exhausting your resources.

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The Proper Use of Cursing

I am always offended when people curse when they are talking to me. There is a proper use of cursing and I use it as a technique rarely in sessions. Cursing is creating an energetic blade and using it to cut through dense energy. I use it that way to cut through layers of resistance. But that is in cases when people have come to me for assistance and the words I use are usually their habitual curse of choice. Someone curses initially to get someone’s attention. They are trying to tell someone who is only vaguely attentive, to “pay attention” and “get this point”. The cursing can cut through the indifference and create a “moment” for the one who uses it. They may feel empowered with having that moment and use it then as a crutch. That is why people swear a lot they are craving attention and it makes them feel empowered in a way that they may have been deprived otherwise. There is no need to use swear words when talking to someone who is totally present. There is no energetic barrier to your words being received. To use a weapon on someone who is disarmed is […]

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Poking a Stick at Atheists

Some people, like myself believe that God is the force of Love and we are Love personified to the level that we choose to be. I have been fortunate to be shown the opposite of Love in every way imaginable so I am capable of discerning Love and God for myself. What I think of as loving would not be considered loving to someone else. To me, truth is loving; even if it is hurtful. I have come to this because I have been deceived in every way imaginable and know that deceit is not Love. Even if there is an ulterior motive of protecting one’s feelings, to me, it is not loving because to me ulterior motives are the opposite of Love. Others may enjoy flattery and adulation and will call it worship.. But I see adulation and flattery as a subtle form of manipulation. My intelligence is insulted when people think I would care about such things. Why would God want such a waste of energy attributed to Him/Her/It. What do I call God that hasn’t been used in vain, to damn others or just to curse in self-indulgence? I have facilitated sessions for clients whose past lives […]

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