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Testimonials for The Do What You Love Diet

“It seems like my entire life has been lived on a diet. Now, in little over a year, I have lost sixty-four pounds to date and am keeping the weight off…Thank you Jen. I couldn’t have done it without you.” – M. M., New York

“After reading Jen’s insights and doing the taps and techniques […]

What is Doable

People say that I am fearless in what I write. I don’t really think so. But there is a reason that I write what I am inspired to write. For my whole life, I have not had a voice. No one has bothered to listen to me or validate me in any way. I was […]

Manifestation Technique

In contemplation, Imagine a room right in front of you that exhibits of all your hopes and highest possible desires. See exactly what that room looks like, what it feels like, what it smells like. Experience the wonder of it as if you were looking in at it from a doorway. It is that close. […]

Living in the Fifth Dimension

We are no longer living in the confines of third-dimensional space, time and depth. We are operating with new freedoms and perceptions. The old show Twilight Zone comes to mind. Rod Sterling was a visionary who was trying to stretch people’s imagination to be able to embrace such a shift. The episodes of the show […]

To Those Who Feel Powerless

You have manifested everything in your surroundings down to the shoes you are wearing. You are so powerful in manifesting that you have kept at bay everything that you feel you don’t deserve. As weary and tiring as it has been, you have at times kept away the Joy, Love and Abundance that are your […]