How To Manifest Your Greatest Purpose

People underestimate the power of a pure loving intention fueled by conviction. It is a means of dipping into that infinite place where the stars are born. It is utilizing the same process of forming planets to command all the dust and the particles in your realm to gravitate in your orbit of greatness. We are meant to create. It is blueprinted into our DNA. It has taken era after era of being beaten down and diminished as a means to subjugate us, for us to cower at the thought. These are our primal memories and the reason that we shy away from our own abilities. But buried underneath all the fear of being called out, humiliated, rejected, scorned, and false humility is the deep knowing and understanding of our greatness. It is the secret we hold deeply within ourselves and fear uttering out loud. But here is the truth. You are great. You know you are. Your frustration is in not having a means to express it and have it validated. Here is the key. It is very simple. Combine these two things and you will unravel your greatness; do what you love and do it as a service […]

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Simply to Love

Since I feel the pain and emotional issues of other people as a cloud of stagnant energy, I can release it by blowing it away. This is one way that I assist others. Since I am able to release other people’s issues with my sensitivities and all the techniques that I have accrued and developed, I stretch my capabilities to take it further. Since I don’t need to be in the same space as someone to assist them, I can assist anyone anywhere. Since I don’t need to know someone to assist them I can release anyone that I sense. Since I don’t constrict my perceptions to just individuals, I am able to expand my consciousness to embrace everyone in the whole world. Since I can release more than one soul at a time, I can release everyone at once. I can do this by perceiving them as a group or releasing the world as a single soul. Since time and space are illusions, I am able to release every soul from any era in the present moment. Since I can love one soul, I can love all souls. I choose to pour infinite Love into every single soul everywhere and […]

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Eating to Feel Love

People who eat too much may be using food to pour love into themselves.They are love starved. Eating food may be the only way they can accept Love. This is all very subtle and they may not even understand that this is what they are doing. When someone tells someone else who is using food to love themselves, that they shouldn’t eat so much, they hear that they are not worthy to be loved. That is why it is such a charged issue. The more you try to help them stop eating, the more they are hearing that they are not worth being loved. It happens at a very subtle level.

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A Bubble of Pure Love

Some people may think I am abrupt or even rude when I engage them on social media. Let me try to explain. Holding a place of pure love in a world that gravitates towards negativity is a conscious thing. It is like holding an air bubble under water. I hold space for everyone to join me in this bubble of pure love. There is pressure bracing against that space. To let them in, I have to be like a bouncer at the door. I make certain the lesser vibrations don’t inundate the space and collapse it. Most people carry with them the vibrations of a lower nature just by being around in the world. It’s like when someone’s clothes smell like smoke after being with a smoker. Only so much can be allowed for the air to continue to be fresh. They don’t know that. When I am abrupt, I am actually addressing that vibration. To the individual, it feels like their feelings are being hurt because a sheath of vibration is being stripped off. For me, it isn’t a conscious thing, and I do it energetically. But I am aware it is being done. Sometimes it is protection for […]

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Empower Love

Okay, so here is the thing: For most of our lifetimes, the world has been a big scary place that has devoured us in many ways. But now we have become savvy. Through technology and interactions, many of us are able to get an overview of the world and the limited bag of tricks that are used to overpower others and control them and we are not buying it anymore. Fear is the major controlling factor. Fear of war, fear of disease, fear of losing our security, fear of losing our quality of life. These are the swirling factors that are pumped out through the airwaves and keep us grouped together like a cluster of sheep. When we are in fear, we don’t think for ourselves or reason well. We give up our power to anything that offers solace. We give our power away. But that is where we are. We are at a precipice of deciding as a group if we are going to do the same thing that has always been done, allow the most affluent in power and wealth to seal our fate? Or are we going to think and reason for ourselves, comfort ourselves and empower […]

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