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The Difference Between Apathy and Detachment

So many people who follow a spiritual path have been practicing apathy and calling it detachment. This is just another way to maintain a level of denial yet do it while touting superiority. They will think that by being disinterested in the plight of others that they have achieved a great level of awareness. They […]

The Reason Why People Hate

In a very abstract way, it is easy to understand why people hate. The feelings off love and hate register as the opposite of what they really are. The feeling of hate seems to fill one up. The feeling of love to the novice seems to bring a feeling of expansion; which the human consciousness […]

Taps For Love to Prevail

(Say each statement 3 ties while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest) “We snuff out power; in all moments.” “We declare ourselves surrogates for love; in all moments.” “We release being bombarded by power; in all moments.” “We release being seduced into power by fear; in […]

Being Taken For Granted

My dear friends on tonight’s call did these taps to assist me. The understanding is that helping me with my pure intention to heal the world, indeed, assists in healing the world. The Golden Thing The Golden Thing society sees Is just the Love flowing through me It’s not in the norm,yet comes through each […]

Stop Diminishing a Whole Profession.

We are told that we are our own healers. That is true in the absolute. But it is said to diminish the contribution of those with obvious gifts. I have obvious gifts that I share generously with others. But we are conditioned to say we are are own healers only when it comes to the […]