Taps For Love to Prevail

(Say each statement 3 ties while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest) “We snuff out power; in all moments.” “We declare ourselves surrogates for love; in all moments.” “We release being bombarded by power; in all moments.” “We release being seduced into power by fear; in […]

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Taps of the Day- Release Using Pain to Pay Homage to God

In past lifetimes, God was associated with painful practices and suffering. Today, as more people become spiritually enlightened, their body is still carrying the belief that Enlightenment comes through pain. So the more aware they are, the more pain they put themselves in. These taps address that core issue. Please realize that God NEVER wanted […]

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How To Manifest Your Greatest Purpose

People underestimate the power of a pure loving intention fueled by conviction. It is a means of dipping into that infinite place where the stars are born. It is utilizing the same process of forming planets to command all the dust and the particles in your realm to gravitate in your orbit of greatness. We […]

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Simply to Love

Since I feel the pain and emotional issues of other people as a cloud of stagnant energy, I can release it by blowing it away. This is one way that I assist others. Since I am able to release other people’s issues with my sensitivities and all the techniques that I have accrued and developed, I […]

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Eating to Feel Love

People who eat too much may be using food to pour love into themselves.They are love starved. Eating food may be the only way they can accept Love. This is all very subtle and they may not even understand that this is what they are doing. When someone tells someone else who is using food […]

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