The Source of Love

Those who are kind are the carriers of the infinite source of Love. The source pours its love into all, but some of us create rules about who will receive our love. The Universe will seem to dry up our only connection to love. This teaches us to be receptive to love in others areas where we would not usually accept it. Some of us are so fortunate to have all our sources of love dry totally up so we learn to be receptive to love everywhere. When all of our outer resources are shut down and we are left in the dark loneliness of our own despair, it is then that everything is illuminated from within and we are made privy to the ultimate source. This is self-realization. It is similar to turning off all the lights in the house so we can experience the illumination of the night sky. It is a process of turning off all the outer lights so we can experience the illumination of our own soul. It is something we all will eventually behold.

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