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Consensus For Kindness

An Open Heart is a sacred altar. When someone is in true need, it is an opportunity for their heart to open. Those who are stuck in warrior mode will attack when asked for help. It may be a subtle attack, but very targeted.

Don’t lecture people on their shortcomings when they are vulnerable. Don’t […]

Kindness is the New Black

Throughout history, we have been passionate about separating ourselves from those that are different. We have built fences, waged war, compartmentalized, diminished, enslaved, committed genocide, scrutinized, judged, coerced, victimized, minimized, blamed, maimed and violated. It is an old experience that most of us are very weary of. It is time to experience a new adventure […]

Where Kindness Prevails

Most people have been so abandoned, abused, used, enslaved, lied to, or broken beyond repair that they have their shutters closed tightly.

It takes an incredibly pure intention and act of selfless kindness to help them understand that is all an illusion. They have been acting in a wonderful performance of life. They have been […]

Kindness is the New Black

Please don’t tell me you are broke, sick, or tired. When you tell others, you tell the Universe and neither me nor the Universe see you that way.

Please don’t say “my pain” or “my diagnosis” and expect them to go away. Once you name a puppy, it’s staying!

Please don’t take an imaginary gun […]

Pandemic of Kindness

The same mistake is made generation after generation. Power is used to fight power. All that does is create a power struggle, which power loves! Each new crop of clever minds thinks they have cracked the code on how to fight the corrupt. Their goal is to sway the mind of the masses to their […]