A Healer’s Healing

Contempt for the Lord’s Of Karma Recently I had a private session with a very accomplished healer. I have incredible respect for her. She has helped so many people at such an incredibly deep level and yet she still has personal issues to deal with. When we started speaking, she got frustrated because I don’t […]

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Technique to Expand Consciousness

Imagine that the earth is much bigger than we realize. Imagine that it has seams holding it in so that its girth is compressed. Where ever you walk drive or travel, imagine your light and love is like a seam ripper, breaking through karmic ties that have been holding the earth in this smaller size. Every time […]

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Enlightening the Masses

Recently I facilitated a session with a woman who felt it was her passion to educate everyone against the ills of the controlling factions. She would do anything she could to lead others to the truth. What she did not realize was in past lives she was the one that had controlled others. Her gifts […]

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Spiritual Law

Some people think of karma as a punishing agent. That is only an aspect of it. I don’t see karma in a negative way, as a sort of universal revenge. I don’t ever wish harm on others because I get a sense of how much pain they are already in. But that doesn’t mean that […]

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