Reality Check

There are those who want to remind us how horrific the world is right now. They want to cut through our joy. They consciously believe they are being noble but don’t realize that it is a form of manipulation. If they can weaken our happiness, then they feel important. They see those of us who choose happiness as strong. They want to gauge their own strength by being able to influence us. The next time someone tries to move you from your joy with a reality check, just smile and stay centered. Joy is the ultimate state. You assist the world more by exuding Joy rather than coming into agreement with its opposite. Being a focal point for peace, contentment and happiness, is a great way to uplift the world.

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Come on in! The Water is Fine!

We all exist in an ocean of Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom. We are all in perfect harmony and peace with all the other atoms in the ocean. Imagine your happiest most fulfilling experience and magnify it a million times over. This is our actual existence. In our first lifetime, we are given a little boat to maneuver around in. This is our ego. It is meant to assist us to gain perspective on the vastness of our life. But it creates a sense of separation within us. We believe we are not part of the ocean but alone, invisible and unloved. We outgrow the need for the boat. It becomes a hindrance. But the fear of being submerged without it is terrifying. So we keep riding around. The sense of separation and loneliness become unbearable. We bump into the other boats as a way to ease the isolation. We are desperate to feel connected. There comes a point when we realize that there is no joy in damaging the other boats. There is more pleasure in helping others. We help them fix their boat. We have compassion for them being so dependent on their boat. It distracts us from realizing […]

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Synthetic Happiness

I recently facilitated a session with a client and a huge distinction was made between Joy and Happiness. People are in joy and run after happiness. If someone leaves Joy to search for happiness, then happiness is a lie. That is what my client was struggling with. People think of happiness as the ultimate truth. But happiness can have different grades, like sweetness. There is a huge difference between an organic pear and processed candy. One may prefer the candy but it leaves their taste buds distorted to not be able to taste the organic succor of the natural fruit. These are the world of duality; meaning every positive has an equal opposite. So happy stints will cycle into sad stints.. This is the cycle of life. The higher reality is contentment. Contentment is like the organic fruit. It is sweet and pleasant but we take it for granted and prefer the stimulating rush of the synthetic sugar. SO the problem with happiness is when people come out of their contentment to achieve the feeling of it. Feeling the happiness instead of being happy may be the difference between being grounded and centered and chasing a lie. Here are some […]

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Our Natural State

Jen and Simha

Joy, Abundance, and Peace are aspects of the perpetual flow of Love that we not only have access to, but it is our natural state. If we are not experiencing all of these things, it is because WE have removed ourselves from them. Some of the ways that we disconnect from the natural flow of Joy, Abundance, Peace and ultimately, Love, is through fear, a limited belief system and forgetting who we are in our natural state of wholeness.

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